What are Healing Frequencies, and how to use them

Healing Frequencies are not necessarily man-made but can come from nature itself. Even tho music has been an integral part of human life for tens of thousands of years, and we have been enjoying it ever since we learned to make musical instruments. However, there are also other sounds that are not produced by musical instruments but by nature itself.

Have you ever walked in nature and felt one with everything? Listening to the wind, the birds, the rain, or the oceans has somewhat of a vibrational frequency that allows us to rest and experience a sense of calm and peace.

Healing frequencies
Healing Frequencies in ancient spiritual books

When speaking about Healing Frequencies in our modern times now, we more likely speak about the experience of how healing music can be. When you are feeling low and start listening to your favourite song, you can’t help but feel better. We have all experienced this, haven’t we?

Even spiritual texts such as the Vedas, Upanishads, the Koran, and even the Bible discuss the healing benefits of certain sounds and frequencies. Mantras, for example, are based on the principle that certain sounds can interact with your physical and metaphysical bodies to bring a positive change in vibration.

Modern Healing Frequencies

Similarly, there are many healing frequencies that are in use today. You might have heard about sound bathing, which has gained much popularity in the West. It is a practice where people are bathed in a blanket of healing frequencies produced by gongs, singing bowls, drums, tuning forks, etc. If you have never been to a sound bath, we can only recommend doing so; it is a great experience not to be missed.

Although there are many different types of healing frequencies, this article will look at Solfeggio frequencies. Furthermore, We will also explore the benefits of each Solfeggio frequency.

Solfeggio frequencies
Solfeggio Frequencies And Their Benefits

These frequencies date back centuries and have been heavily used in Sanskrit mantras and Gregorian chants. They have tremendous positive effects on our physical, mental, and emotional health. This is exactly why more people should start using them. Each Solfeggio frequency has a very specific vibration and will bring forth different forms of healing and transformation.

1) 174 Hz

If you listen to this frequency, you can experience back, lower back, and leg pain. Additionally, it releases stress and helps you reach more profound levels of relaxation. 174 Hz has also been known to reduce migraine pains. You can also listen to this healing frequency to enhance courage, self-confidence, and feelings of security.

Gong sound bath

2) 396 Hz

If you are dealing with guilt, fear, grief, and anxiety, you want to listen to the Solfeggio Frequencies of 396Hz. It balances your root chakra and makes you feel more grounded. Moreover, it also removes toxic thought patterns, which many of us deal with.

3) 417 Hz

Past trauma and emotional blocks are removed with this frequency. And if you want to remove negative energy from your home or office, playing sounds infused with 417 Hz can help you with that.

4) 432 Hz

One of the most popular frequencies that work best on the heart chakra. It makes you feel relaxed and open. This is the frequency you want to work with for those seeking mental and emotional clarity. If you are looking for spiritual growth, you should focus on this frequency and allow it to move you.

5) 440 Hz

In most cases, it is called cerebral music. This is because it acts as a massager for the brain. Not only does it t boosts your cognitive functions and helps you open up your third eye chakra.

Healing Sounds

6) 528 Hz

This frequency is probably one of the best-known healing frequencies and is described as the miracle tone and the love frequency. It reparates your body by healing your DNA structure, removing diseases, and activating your solar plexus chakra.

7) 639 Hz

If you need love and compassion, you should work with this frequency. It opens your heart chakra and allows you to be more gentle to yourself and others. Many people use this Solfeggio frequently it to heal their relationships. And if you want to rediscover your connection with your higher self, this is precisely the frequency you want to work with.

8) 741 Hz

How often have you struggled with a problem and desperately wanted to find a solution? This frequency is for you as it enhances your intuition and helps you to understand what you need to do in any given situation. It also helps you express yourself truthfully.

9) 852 Hz

There is a gateway to the spiritual realm, and this healing frequency can help you to open it. It acts like a gateway to connect you with your higher power by activating your third eye chakra. Additionally, it also prevents you from negative thought patterns and toxic behaviour.

10) 963 Hz

With this frequency, you can enhance your intuition and your spiritual perception. This is another frequency that is focused on the spiritual realm. It is been said that the 963 Hz works on your crown chakra and helps you dive deep into your inner self. An excellent frequency to work with if you want to achieve your highest vibrational state.

Druming Shamanism
shamanic practicioner
How I use Healing Sound in my shamanic work

In shamanism, sounds also play a very important role in healing purposes. When conducting a Healing Session, we use the drum, rattle, and other instruments to call in the Spirits of over dimensions to assist with the healing. Furthermore, the drum beat operates as a natural trance inducer and replicates the heartbeat. This relaxes the client and helps them enter another state of consciousness. A shamanic practitioner also uses the drum when going on a vision quest, looking for answers for a specific problem and entering more profound into a trance state that allows her to receive answers from another plane of existence.

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