Energy Medicine – The Medicine of the Future

More and more people seek out complementary therapies to receive healing and establish well-being, as our current healthcare system is failing. Energy medicine has become increasingly important in the last few years in the West as a form of non-invasive, no-side effects medicine. I am a big promoter of energy medicine, which can help many more people with all sorts of health issues.

Energy medicine is a complementary therapy based on the interaction of the human energy field and other energy fields (human or other). In the East, a concept of a life-giving force that nourishes all living organisms has been known for a long time. While in our western world, this is still something not many people know. However, we reached a crucial point in history where we need to take more responsibility for our health.

Different ways to work with Complimentary Therapy

There are many ways in which complementary therapy is an excellent choice to regain good health. I aim to show you some forms of Alternative Medicine in this blog post. I will also introduce you to the powerful tools I use to stay healthy and strong.

Energy Medicine

Our current healthcare system makes people sick.

In 2019 over 4.38 billion retail drug prescriptions were filled throughout the USA. Most of them are thyroid, lower cholesterol, Asthma Inhalers, acid reflux, painkillers, anti-depression, and Diabetes medication. The average medicine contains up to 100 possible side effects. While some drugs even have 525 possible side effects on their list. The result of this prescription drug consumption and its side effects is horrendous which leads to many chronic health conditions. 

If we think about that, alternative medicine could quickly treat most of the above conditions. This way, there would be fewer side effects and an improvement in overall health. 

side effects pharmacy
A new way of thinking is needed.

Our health care systems are failing, especially in the Western world, and we no longer can rely on a system that does not put humans first. We see more and more people embracing holistic and alternative health treatments as a great alternative. Especially oriental medicine has become very popular, such as Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Qi-gong, and Tai Chi. All those practices form the base of disease prevention in the first place. It is time to take personal action steps for our well-being and lifestyle.

Choosing more alternative treatments and aligning our diet with the cosmic cycles is one of those steps. It allows you to become more aware of what your body needs; this way, we can take better care of our health.

Understanding Energy is the new medicine.

Energy is the new medicine – I am sure of that. We already have the solution to our problem of understanding how energy works and creates imbalances in our bodies, minds, and spirit. The aim would be to restore this imbalance to harmony, and we would be perfectly healthy. We no longer would have to suffer the way we do now. We also would prevent the massive rise in side effects from toxic drugs.

Instead, they use of nutritional food therapy, homeopathy, Reiki, shamanic healing, meditation, yoga, regular massages, and acupuncture should become a proper choice when restoring and maintaining our health.

The right time is crucial for creating harmony

Furthermore, understanding astrology and its natural cycles would significantly assist us in returning to a natural state of being. This could prevent millions of people from suffering from depression, burnout, and exhaustion from our fast-paced lifestyle.

The lack of information about those traditional healing methods costs us our good health every year.


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Reiki – A powerful energy healing modality that originated in the East

The most known complementary Energy Medicine Therapy is probably Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality in which the therapist channels Qi energy into the client’s body. This way, the self-healing abilities of the patients are activated as well as emotional and mental well-being is encouraged. There are over 1 million Reiki Practitioners in the world now – the number is rising.

Reiki is a unique form of Energy Medicine Healing based on the Eastern philosophy of complementary healing. It is a powerful tool to increase personal energy and bring more balance, happiness, and health into our lives.

I hold a second degree in Reiki Attunement and worked as a Reiki Healer with hundreds of people worldwide. There are many more, and I would like to introduce you to some alternative healing modalities.

Most common practice energy Medicine modalities

The most generally accepted healing practices from the East are Acupuncture, Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Food Therapy, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Massage. Those modalities have formed the base for traditional Eastern medicine for thousands of years and continue to do so.

Back then, people already understood the connection between the body, the mind, and the spirit. Those people used this knowledge to form their understanding of health and well-being.

Reiki Healing
Alternative Medicine and the understanding of the flow of Energy in the East

In many Eastern cultures, we see a profound understanding of Energy regarding health and well-being. This fundamental belief is what we call energy medicine and has formed a whole system that allows people to maintain good health and increase their overall life span. The practice of Qi-Gong, Tai Chi in China, and Yoga in India are just a few additional practices that often come hand in hand with Energy Medicine treatments and can be applied by the person alone. There is no need for a therapist.

Meridians in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the body contains energy highways, the so-called meridians. Those meridians allow the flow of energy, known as Qi, throughout the body. The medical system of the Meridians has been around for over 3500 years in comparison to the western medical system, which developed throughout the 19th century.

Meridians in Indian Medicine

In India, we find a similar concept, and those meridians are called Nadis. Which is a word from Sanskrit and describes “tube,” “channel,” or “flow.” It refers to the channels through which energy travels through the body. Again the aim is to keep those Nadis balanced so the Energy can flow freely. An imbalance occurs once this flow is disturbed, and we can get ill and sick.

Meridians Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture is an integral part of Oriental Medicine.

Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles into the body to stimulate nerves in the skin and muscles. Those inserting points are are fine energy lines that spread throughout the body and called meridians. These cultures believe that the body contains a system of energy lines throughout. These meridians and energy flows are accessible through 361 acupuncture points in the body. When the Acupuncture practitioner inserts the needles into these points with the right combination, it will bring the blocked energy flow back into balance. 



Like Acupuncture, Acupressure works with understanding the energy flow throughout the body, which can get out of balance and cause illnesses or pain. By pressing some 650 individual acupressure points, energy flow can be enhanced and stimulated.

The Energy medicine we have widely accepted so far in our western world are Homeopathy, Reiki, and Massages. More and more people realize that once the free flow of energy is disturbed, it can make people sick. Things such as bad eating habits, the experience of trauma, an unhealthy lifestyle with lack of exercise or too much stress, and not paying enough attention to our emotions will contribute to this. Even in our western world, we slowly accept that there is a union of body, mind, and spirit and that one can affect the other.

There are ways in which we can unblock stagnant energy and activate its flow throughout our system.

The thing about Energy and well-being through food

The average person needs a nutritional intake of around 1800 – 2000 calories daily to stay well nourished and perform daily tasks, according to the western statistic model of nutrition. Those calories are transformed into Energy once they enter the body and are released so we can stay alive and perform activities. Reducing the daily calorie intake is advisable to avoid gaining weight if a person is less active. 

On top of that, we should also consider that the amount and quality of the food we eat can provide the proper nourishment. A lack of specific vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, etc., can be dangerous and affect our overall health. Food is life; food is well-being, and food is nourishment. Most of us are familiar with this concept.

Every natural food we eat has certain qualities and unique properties. In Chinese Food Therapy, food is everything and acts as a healing modality. Here it is not so much about the vitamins or micronutrients but more about the energetics of food and how they affect our body. If used correctly, Chinese Food Therapy becomes a powerful healing modality that can help us correctly imbalances and create harmony within the body.


Chinese medicine – A cosmic perspective

“In Chinese medicine, the human being is seen as a small working model of the universe. The same natural laws that govern the movements of the stars and planets, the weather, and the season govern the human body and the human journey through life. 

All things are connected: every small part or event reflects the workings of these vast cosmos: the microcosm contains the macrocosm. These assumptions underly everything in this book.

The language of health in traditional chinse medicine is the language of weather and landscape: we talk of Wind, Heat, Cold or Dampness invading the body, drought or over saturation, of problems with the Fire or Water elements.

This simple poetic language grows from centuries of observation of the natural laws of life—our inner worlds connected with the outer world in both subtle and obvious ways. The sun warms us, the earth feeds us, the breeze feels good on our cheeks, and the flowers awaken our delight.

We are connected too by subtle principles or resonance; our organs resonate with particular planets, our acupoints and meridians vibrate in harmony with stars, and our bodies respond to the subtle essences of vibrations of food in ways that are beyond ordinary perception. These subtle resonances were mapped by the ancient Chinese and continue to be mapped to this day. “

– Daverick Leggett (Recipe for Self-healing)

Alternative medicine
Chinese Food Therapy – a new way to look at food

It is an ancient system that allows practitioners to understand food and its different qualities and impact on our overall well-being. Every natural food we eat has certain energetic qualities and unique properties. In Chinese Food Therapy, food is everything and acts as a healing modality. Here it is not so much about the vitamins or micronutrients but more about the energetics of food and how they affect our body. If used correctly, Chinese Food Therapy becomes a powerful healing tool that can help us correctly imbalances and create harmony within the body.

I have studied western nutritional therapy and learned all about it – what is there to know about the proper nutrients, minerals, and chemicals the body needs to stay healthy. Furthermore, we learned how to calculate calories; each food had to be analyzed by its calorie intake. Of course, this is crucial if we want to lose weight and understand how food and weight gain are connected.

A different view on food and its impact

While in Chinese Food Therapy, the cause of gaining weight is not only the calories we eat but also how the body absorbs what we eat and the time we eat. A new way of thinking about food and the basic principles are different than the one in the West. Based on understanding Chinese Food Therapy, we look at each food in the way of energetic qualities.

Food can either be cold or warm; different flavors will impact how the food affects the organs in our body. This knowledge allows us to eat what we require based on our constitution in the first place. If we want to lose weight, we will pay more attention to the spleen and the stomach as here is where the food will be absorbed into digestible items. A blockage in this area can cause weight gain.

Chinese Food Therapy also includes seasonal food and recipes to strengthen our system from the inside out and prevent disease in the first place. It is a powerful tool that now finds its way into our western world.

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Astro Diet
Astrology and Healing


Chinese Food therapy combines ancient knowledge about the cosmos with the wisdom of healing foods.

A system that promotes deep healing, nourishment, and wellbeing. It fills the gap that was created between us and the medicine of food. The moment we stopped living in harmony with nature and alignment with its natural rhythms.

For many years I have studied Astrology, Nutritional Therapy, and Trad. Chinese Food Therapy, and today I offer this knowledge to you. 

One of the biggest problems we experience today and why many people are falling sick in the first place is not only lousy nutrition or lack of exercise, and not only the toxicity of other people. Furthermore, it is the disconnection from nature and its cosmic and seasonal cycles. We no longer live in tune with nature but have created an unhealthy relationship with this natural part of our being. 

We have lost the feeling of our inborn senses of rhythm and natural cycles. Today we are ruled by an unhealthy Monday – Friday work mentality throughout the year. We hardly pay any attention to our energy resources by starting to align ourselves with the year’s seasons.

This soulless system is ripping us apart, and we are all focused on our bank balance and economic profits.

There are few places where you are allowed to be human, and we feel guilty when we experience tiredness, burnout, or the desire to rest and recharge. Our go-go or otherwise you will not make it mentality has caused millions of stress-related illnesses and deaths. Mental health issues have never been higher than they have since modern technology found its way into our daily lives.


Astrology and Healing

You can change your life.

It does not need to be that way. We can take a look back in history or even today at cultures that live more in tune with nature and aligned with the natural and cosmic cycles, and we will find:

  • more happiness
  • more balance
  • more contentment
  • no cancer
  • no heart disease
  • no mental health issues
  • no stress-related health problems

Those people understood that the human body is a sensitive organism. It needs good food, enough rest, and living an aligned life with the natural rhythms. Those cultures based their understanding of healing and health care on those principles.

chinese medicine
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  • increase your life span
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  • nourish your body with quality food
  • take time for the essential things in life
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