How to connect with your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides can be powerful helpers and supporters and offer great potential for higher guidance in wisdom or healing. They are incredible beings who reside in different planes of existence. They can take on every different form from an animal, angel, light being, ancient yogi, or even human form, They will choose their appearance dependent on their situations to help you. 

The type of guide you work with depends on their purpose. Some spirit guides are here to teach, heal, guide, or assist on a specific task or bring a new level of understanding. You will have reasons why you need or want to connect with a guide.

Those reasons we call intention and are a potent tool when connecting with spirit guides. The nature of your intent will draw the right guide to help you based on the law of resonance and invocation.

A guide would never force themselves onto you but will only respond to your request. The connection will occur by linking your higher self to the spirit world.

connect with spirit guides

It will all depend on the nature of your desire and the intention why you want to connect with them.

Some people mistake the higher self would spirit guides, but those two are different things.

What guides can offer you

Even though you will need to learn to connect to your higher self first, if you aim for clear communication with your guides, if you want to receive:

– words of wisdom
– inspiration
– words of healing
– answering important or profound questions
– a sense of direction in life
– instructions on what to do next

If you have not learned how to connect with your higher self yet, you can still ask Spirit guides to work with you on the following levels:

– asking for protection.
– asking for support.
– asking for healing for oneself or others.

Those requests don’t need clear instructions or communication. Nor do they require clear understanding or interpretation but work instantly.

Furthermore, as long as you allow your spirit guide to drawing closer to offer protection or support, they can provide this immediately. Anytime they will need your permission to do so.

spirit guide protection

However, when you have more complex or complicated requests, or you need clear guidance insights, as well as if you want to attract guides with higher frequencies, you will need to learn how to connect
with your higher self first.

The higher self

Your higher self is located above your crown chakra, which means outside your body. This is the place where you merge with the spiritual world. If done correctly you then will gain insights and connections to insights that lay far beyond the logical mind.

It takes some training to become confident in this practice. In my upcoming online signature program, “The Ultimate Energy Master Program” I will teach you how to connect with your higher self step by step. Even more, though, you will learn all you need to know about Spirit Guides and how to work with them closely.

An essential tool for spiritual development

This is an essential tool to learn mediumship shamanic healing, channeling, past life regression, and psychic work. You won’t be able to do anything if you have not created a clear and solid connection with your higher self first.

Most meditations show you how to calm your mind and draw inwards. This truly is an important skill and builds the foundation for higher self and spirit world connection, but it is not the same as specifically designed meditations for such reasons. There are specific forms of meditation that can help you do this correctly, as not all of the meditations on the market are suitable.

higher self connection

I will teach you an easy-to-use and quick to learn Higher Self Connection in my Ultimate Energy Master program.

Secondly, to connect successfully with your spirit guide, you must acknowledge that they exist. Otherwise, your doubts will block the connection.

However, if you’re unsure, you can use this uncertainty as an intention for your connection and allow you this way to build a more profound and stronger relationship with the spirit world.

Intentions are important 

Set your intention that you want to connect with your guide. If you are unsure you can choose one of the following.

Prove that Spirit guides exist
Asking for healing
Request protection
Need of support
Answering certain questions
Build a relationship with the guide

Once you find the right intention, go and find a calm place where you can be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes. You don’t want to rush things, and you never know what might happen during your connection session.

Put some music incense on or whatever feels good to you to get you into a relaxed mood. I would suggest that you sit down instead of lying down; it’s easier to remain conscious.

Incense for meditation

Close your eyes and allow yourself to become aware of your body for a moment. How does it feel?

Allow and embrace whatever you experience at this moment in time.

Now focus on your breathing and take three deep breaths in.

I want you to think about the intention set to connect with your spirit guide. Allow the air to fill the lungs and every cell of your body. Let it travel in every part of your body once this is done.

Are you still not sure if this will work?

Maybe you are still a bit doubtful about the connection with your guide, acknowledge those doubts and let your guide know. As I said, your guide will respond to your request, and if you are doubtful, then let them know.

In your mind, set the intention that you want to feel your guide’s presence and permit them to step into your auric field.

Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing that you further need to do. Just stay there.

You are exactly where you need to be in a safe, relaxed space open to connect with your guide.

Just focus on your breathing. Stay open. Observe how something suddenly shifts in your energy.

You might become aware of a tingly sensation or warmth or cold feeling.

Some people reported as they felt someone was touching them or entering the field from behind their back or someone standing there.

Maybe you feel lighter, happier, or more grounded.

Anything is possible, and I don’t want you to analyze it, but notice and embrace it.

spirit touch


Once you sat there for a while in your excitement or feeling close to your guide. Your mind can start getting in your way again, wanting to make you believe:

– what if you are making this up
– This is impossible
– you imagine it, and the list goes on

Once the mind interferes, you quickly will lose connection and can start all over again.

What I want you to do now is ask your guide to take a step back.

Now notice how you feel now about what has changed.

Wait a moment and allow the guide to draw closer again.

Guides will respond to your request. How does that feel? Did you feel their energy? It’s just the mind creating this illusion of separation.

At this stage, you will need to do this exercise more often to build confidence in your experience slowly.

Over time your doubts will vanish, and you are prepared for the next stage in connection with your guide.

To get to know him, her better
Ask questions
Channel their energies

Please don’t make the mistake of rushing the process. This will take time, and some training is required, but it will be worth it. I could not imagine not working with my guides anymore.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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Did you know that there are low vibrational and high vibrational spirit guides?

High vibrational spirit guides can only work with you if your energy matches their frequency.

Those guides are often ascendant masters with a wealth of wisdom and powerful energies.

It takes the right knowledge and preparation to channel their high vibrational energy.

Those masters assist in raising the consciousness on earth and speed up the spiritual path for those who know how to work with them.

You can draw from their energy and transform your life completely. 

However, it takes the use of the right techniques and rituals to connect with them. 


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