Energy Reading 101

Have you ever felt a strange vibe when being around someone or a place? Somehow you just got this feeling that something is wrong, but you found it hard to explain why? We often hear the word “vibe” as an informal way of explaining the emotions or feelings we pick up from another person. We tend to immediately pick up these vibes and base our decisions on them. Most of the time, we aren’t even able to explain why we dislike a person, place, or opportunity. But we do!

It is well known that people, places, and even objects have their energy, which they radiate. We as human beings can pick up on such energies, and with the help of our intuition, we either feel that we like or dislike them. The more you develop this intuition, the further you will be able to give more explanations and the reason why something doesn’t feel right or why it does.


How Can I Benefit From Energy Reading?

Even though we are gifted with intuition, most of us rarely use it or trust it. Furthermore, we often even try to make decisions with our minds rather than feelings. In some cases, that is a good thing, but in other cases, if we had trusted more in what we felt, we would have avoided many pitfalls in our lives.

By learning how to read auras and rightly interpreting them, we might be able to protect ourselves and expand you can expand our understanding of energy, and transform our life.

Through energy reading, we can pick up clues that allow us to recognize the energy that radiates from the auras around us, making it easier to decide about your career, love life, or achieving your goals.

Being aware of energies around you can be super helpful

Moreover, it is an excellent way of getting insight into your life. When you allow an energy reader to read your aura, they can identify what you are feeling. Furthermore, an excellent auric reader can make you aware of a specific situation’s past, present, and future potential. This way, you will gain insights into a bigger picture of a problem you are struggling with.

They could also recognize energy blocks and areas requiring extra attention and provide information about how to carry on in certain situations. An energy reader, psychic, or tarot card reader will also be able to help when it comes to dealing with past trauma, redirecting you if you are lost, or attracting luck to your life.

Surrounding energies

So, How Can I Read Energies?

Energy reading requires a significant level of sensitivity as well as proper training to make the correct interpretation of what is perceived. When you are sensitive to the world around you, you become less oblivious to the auras of others and the signals that your body sends. Most energies are expressive emotions and energetic imprints of your thoughts, actions, and desires. All are created by the so-called life force, the fundamental force of living. You can start developing those skills which can help you to read energies. Of course, you will require more profound training to learn how to read energies blindfolded or over a distance. But let’s start somewhere easy to implement and understand when you are a beginner.

Focus On The Eyes

We often use the term- smiling eyes or smiling with the eyes- to describe a delighted person. This is because, according to psychology, our emotions are portrayed in our eyes. Whether a person is happy, sad, distressed, or distracted, you can easily recognize everything if you focus on it.

It can also indicate whether an individual is trustworthy or deceiving. Hence, starting with reading the eyes is an ideal way of setting the foundation of your intuitive powers.

Next time you meet someone, try to decipher what their eyes are communicating, whether it is rage, compassion, or pure happiness. Once you have located those feelings, you might also be able to determine why the person feels the way they feel. For example, their eyes look sad; you might get a flash or a scene where you see them going through a breakup or a problematic situation in their lives. If you’re brave, you might want to allow this situation to expand a little further in front of your inner eye. Did this person break up rece,ntly or is this an old sadness of something that might even happen years ago? Trust your feelings, don’t question them, and just allow whatever emerges.

Learn to see auras

Recognize How You Feel Around Someone

It is common to feel more comfortable around some people than others. Especially if those people are positive-minded, charming, or warm-hearted, mostly; this is because of how close or connected we feel with those individuals.

However, it can also be a way of your intuition informing you of the vibes that it is catching. We consistently sense the vibes of others but are oblivious to them. To learn how to read energies, you must consciously focus on recognizing these energies, which radiate from their auric fields.

You probably picked up their negative vibes if you feel drained and tired after hanging out with someone. Or in some cases, they are like energy vampires who feed on other people’s energy.

I did a whole podcast episode on this subject, which you can listen to below.

On the contrary, feeling energized and motivated after meeting someone might mean that they are radiating positive energies. Which automatically lifts other people’s spirits as well.

These subtle clues are easily recognizable. All it requires is attention, focus, and correct interpretations. At the same time, it requires you to stay present at the moment and accept whatever you feel to be true.

Observe What You Feel From Voice And Physical Touch

Reading auras is all about reading the emotions and expressions of other people. But it’s also about reading about the atmosphere of places. Additionally, you can even read objects’ energy, which is called Psychometry in Psychic Development.

When it comes to reading people’s energy, we will mostly absorb the tone, pitch, speed, and depth of a voice that holds much information. Are they rushing to finish their sentence or taking their time? Are there highs and lows in their voice, or is it monotone?

More advanced training will allow you better information

When you are more advanced in psychic development and reading people’s energy, a person will not need to say anything, and you can still Observe how a person behaves

things can tell us whether or not the person is hiding their emotions regarding you or themselves. While a loud individual is easily recognizable as confident, while a person who whispers may, unfortunately, be suffering from low self-esteem.

Heavier voices mean that the person is sad or about to cry, and high-pitch tones mean that the person is excited. These are all cues, and how you react to them can indicate your reading energy.

Similarly, an individual with a firm handshake or a warm hug is often far more comforting. Feeling uncomfortable with the physical touch of another is usually a sign of wrong intentions. The concept of bad touch/good touch also comes from this intuitive feeling of who intends to harm us. Or when people are invading your space and not keeping a distance. This can be a red flag for our intuition, and we will feel this in our gut.

Start paying more attention.

So paying more attention to how a person makes you feel when you are around them will also tell you much about that person’s energy.

paying attention to energy

Am I Reading Energies Right Now?

If you consciously notice the vibes that others are radiating, you already have a sense of reading energies. This can indicate that you are a naturally intuitive individual if you have experienced the following:

Feeling Uncomfortable In Crowded Places:

You might be observing the energies surrounding you, making it uncomfortable to be in crowded places as there are too many energetic influences going on simultaneously, which can create a feeling of overwhelming. If negative energies around you are physically, mentally, and emotionally draining you, it feels unavoidable but unmanageable.

Intuition Is Off The Charts:

You quickly pick up on bad energies but cannot identify them. You just know that something doesn’t feel right. Of course, if you then try to explain this to your loved ones who you might wish to protect doesn’t always result in them understanding what you mean.

Lie Detection Is Easy:

You probably quickly notice if someone is lying to you or not telling the whole truth. The subtle tone, behaviour, and body language change their aura and the vibration they send out.

Feeling A Lot Of Empathy Or Being Called Sensitive:

You are an empathetic and emotional individual for this reason; you quickly pick up on how others feel. This is the foundation for developing your psychic gifts. Often you lose yourself in the feelings of others and are not sure what is theirs and what is yours anymore.

Energy reading is natural; however, the correct interpretations need proper training. As well as how to cleanse and clear negative energies from your auric field is major important. It can quickly happen that you doubt yourself at some point, but that is when it is vital to trust and rely on your intuition, your sixth sense, and the aura that others radiate.

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