An introduction to Auras

The Aura is the energy field surrounding our physical body like a protective field. Here, we absorb and exchange energies with our environment and other people. Knowing your energy field will make you aware of other energies around you far quicker.

Are there times when you feel uncomfortable in crowded places? Are there moments when you feel as if your space is being invaded? Some people can only come so close to you. This is your energetic field being invaded or triggered.

crowd people

There can also be times in which you might feel uneasy in the presence of a certain person. Other times you might feel when you enter a room, you have this sense that something is wrong. The human aura is a strong electromagnetic field that can expand up to 3 inches and more from the physical body. We give off electrical energy and absorb magnetic one this way we are able to sense other people’s energy from a distance.

You can feel this energy force in a room full of people, where varying energies, positive and negative, are being interchanged.

reading auras

The aura is an extension of our physical bodies

The aura is an extension of our physical bodies, be it strong or weak, fair or otherwise, light and bright or dull and dense. Every living organism possesses an auric field and emanates energy. This means that every plant, tree, animal, bird, and person is exchanging energy with their environment.

There are seven layers of the aura, but the most accessible to human perception is the first three layers surrounding the human body. Auras can be seen with the eyes wide open if you are trained well enough, or they can also be seen psychically with the eyes closed.

In my work as a Tarot Reader

I read my client’s energy field when I do Readings or Healing for them. This helps me to understand their overall well-being and gives me deep insights into their psyche. You should never read an Aura without the person’s permission; otherwise, this would be unethical, and you would go against the Code of Ethics of Energy work.

Shamanic Healing Mehal Mahipal

The Aura contains different colours.

Each colour holds its own meaning, and those trained in Reading the colours of the Aura can gain a lot of information through this. Below is a description of the meanings different colours hold, which were taught to me during my training of 10 years at the Arthur Findlay College, and how they are interpreted in Spiritualism.

The interpretation of the colours can vary, below are just examples. In the end, you should trust your intuition on this.


This is a confusing color. There is nothing wrong with black in one’s Aura. Black generally means one is shielding oneself from outside energies. This can also mean being unbalanced; one is hiding something or keeping secrets. A black ring usually indicates some form of abuse, adults who have not dealt with early abuse will carry this black ring till they are healed.


This comes in different shades. Gifted people have shades of blue in their Aura. Intuitive people will show pale blue colouration within the purple, bursting out like rays of sunshine emanating from the heart. A deeper blue can indicate loneliness or depression. An intense blue shows devotion, honesty, and sound judgment, whereas muddier shades of blue indicate a domineering person.

Communication, Truth, Spoken word, and public speaking. Friendships & Loyalty (Set idea about friendships, if not lived up to, the friendship will end) Music, Art, and Dance. Distance Healing. Colour is not easy to live with. Trust.

Cold colour – Expectations ( all in or all out attitude)

Colour of the feminine.

blue colour in aura


These colours can indicate growth in a person. Grounded and connected to nature. Someone who is in education or an apprenticeship. Diploma. Practical work such as joiners or electricians.

Brown by itself can indicate a lack of energy or one who has become “stagnant.”

It can be an indication for someone who has a blood disease.


Indicates lots of spiritual energy, in tune with oneself. Knowledge and spiritual potential. Wisdom.

Muddy gold means one has not come to terms with higher levels.


Indicates a lot of imagination and creativity, more with the mind than with the hands.

Usually seen around a thinker, an analytical person tends to overthink and have nervous tension. It could indicate a “balanced” person. Intelligent people show this colour around their heads. Wisdom but also educational knowledge. The colour of the intellect and a person that is good in organizing things.

Dirty Yellow: Mental Health, Cancer, Confusion of the mind, Issues with the digestive system.

A lot of Yellow will be found with solicitors, lawyers, people working with the law, accountants, teachers, and students who study things.


Colour of God and being of service to others.

Sympathetic to others, dependable, and has healing abilities. Serving energy often is found with doctors, nurses, carers, and vets. Colour of nature and harmony, balance, and growth.

Negative: lack of harmony, jealousy, envy, as well as betrayal

If seen in young people, it can mean that they are about to enter a new chapter of their life.

colour green in aura


The colour of love, especially the motherly caring love. It can be an indicator of pregnancy and honesty. It also depicts the quieter side of an artistic and creative person.

We can find indications about the relationship with the mother, maybe an overprotective mother or not enough nurturing. Problems with childhood are possible.

Dark pink may indicate immaturity or changes in one’s love life. Dull pink, however, watch out; Someone is lying.

It’s a sensitive and sensible colour.


The colour of intuition, a deeper purple hue, shows a strong-willed and passionate person. It can also reflect intense erotic imagination and being overbearing. It’s essential not to use one’s own spirituality to elevate oneself above others.

Indicating that a person could abuse their position of success and power. It also indicates prayers, victim energy, or people who easily play the victim or give it all they have. Often associated with responsibility. At the same time, it is the colour of thoughts of suicide and sadness.

This colour is often found with the elderly who gained wisdom through life experience and not so much through books.


A practical colour represents the physical and material aspects of someone’s life. Life force energy. Indicates leadership qualities, management abilities, independency, and self-employment.

A colour of love or hate, strong emotions, and energy. Often associated with sex, love, and devotion. An intense red colour, however, may indicate a person ready to fly off the handle. It indicates dominance, if seen in men, which tends to be more common than in women.

If seen with women, it can be that she is dominated by a man.

Also, the colour of stubbornness and hate, as well as impulsiveness and passion.

red colour aura

A Guide To Seeing Auras

It is possible to learn how to see Auras, and of course, it might take some time, so don’t get frustrated. Just try again and again, and you will slowly develop your gift to do it.

Seeing the aura takes your eyes slightly out of focus. If you’ve ever been able to see those holographic picture-in-a-picture things, then you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing auras as you do precisely the same thing with your eyes.

If you struggle with this, why not close your eyes and try to see the aura with your inner eye? We are all different, and some people find it easier that way.

closed eyes

Choose a training partner to do this exercise.

Have your training partner stand in front of a light-colored wall in a dimly lit room. Have your partner hold one finger in front of their face, about 6 inches from their chin.


Now focus your eyes on their finger, not their face. Have them remove their fingers but keep looking at the same spot. You’ll have to relax your eyes a bit to do this. Now, using that same relaxed vision, if you look at them, you should be able to see what looks like a little line that runs all around them a couple of inches out from their body.


The next layer out is even fainter and may have associated colors. The different meanings of the colours vary widely depending on who you’re talking to. My advice in this area is to open up your awareness and see which colours are most often associated with which types of people and their behaviours.


Gear up for the challenge

Play with this a bit. Does their aura change when they think happy thoughts? Sad thoughts? Angry thoughts?

For this reason, ask your partner to change their thoughts and see how their aura colour changes.

As you work with this, you’ll gradually become aware of even more subtle layers of energy that surround people. You may also find that you can feel another person’s chakras and even discern their dominant chakra.

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