Chiron – Turning Wounds into medicine

Chiron marks the Wounded Healer; he serves the purpose of reminding us what work we need to do to become whole. It represents a core wound that sometimes can take a lifetime to heal.

The placement of Chiron in your Birth chat can give deep insights regarding:

  • your personal healing powers
  • your most profound wounding
  • great knowledge
  • experience
  • talent
  • wisdom
  • areas where you continuously sabotage yourself
  • damage yourself
Working with Chiron

Only when we are aware of Chirons house placement and its signs, we truly can understand its potential and meaning. Furthermore, it allows us to work through some severe issues that can help us completely transform our lives and the lives of others.

Chiron can be complex and sometimes scary to work with, and I understand that. Often we can feel overwhelmed when he gets triggered, and we fall back into those areas of self-sabotaging, fear, and experience the impact of our uttermost core wounding. This means we start damaging ourselves, blaming, shaming, and not seeing life as the true healer. I have been there myself; I know exactly how it feels.


Supported Healing

In astroshamanism, we believe that true Healing takes the support from others. We need someone who can hold space for us and can assist when we are touching those vulnerable parts of ourselves. Especially in the old traditions, people sought out Healers who could help them restore the balance of the body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, those people knew that the more profound the wounding, the more support needed to assist in the healing process. 

I have been a shamanic healer for many years and have helped hundreds of people worldwide. Today I want to offer my abilities and knowledge to you. 

Are you ready to Work with the Wounded Healer Chiron?

This will allow you to work through the difficulties and turn them into wisdom and great knowledge. The gain from this Chiron Healing Journey Session is really powerful. You will see how your life will transform and change when you no longer need to carry this heavy burden.

Chiron – turning wounds into medicine. In Shamanic Astrology, Chiron is super-powerful energy that can unleash healing powers that you were not even aware of.

I aim to bring Astrology closer to people and make it understandable and accessible practically.

For this reason, I am offering you the “CHIRON HEALING JOURNEY.”

In this transformational healing session, I will explore and assist in healing your core wounding. To determine this lifelong wound, I will use your horoscope as a map to help me. I then will choose specific astroshamanic tools and methods that allow me to dive deeper into the Chiron placement and its wounding. This then will open the healing process to be initiated.

To understand your wounding better, I will prove you with a 30min. Audio recorded Reading, in which you will gain deeper insights into CHIRON’S PLACEMENT IN YOUR CHART. It will elevate – what this means for your core wounding and receive practical advice on moving forward. Every Reading is unique as no two people are the same, nor is their wounding and healing journey.

Let me be your guide and take you on your CHIRON HEALING JOURNEY.

With the “CHIRON HEALING JOURNEY,” you will receive:


  • 60min Astroshamanic Healing Session based on CHIRON as placed in your Horoscope
  • 30min Audio Recorded Reading on CHIRON as identified in your horoscope
  • Sacred Mantra to work and heal with CHIRON
  • Booklet of 25 pages  (pdf format) for more information on CHIRON and its meaning
  • deep insights on your core wounding and practical advice on further healing modalities

You can book your personal “CHIRON HEALING JOURNEY” here…

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