How does a Remote Trance Healing Session work?

Remote Trance Healing Session focuses on the restoration of the energy field. This can be the energy of your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical body.

This Session is perfect for people who are in need of some extra energetic support. Especially in times when you are experiencing ongoing stress or tension. It also can be very beneficial for you if you had an accident, gave birth, or after an operation. The Remote Trance Healing Session will help you to feel more relaxed, recharged and will leave you with a feeling of calm and ease.

All of this – while you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

To allow you to feel more relaxed and at ease without any delays, additionally to avoid the stress and tension that comes from traveling long distances, I only offer this Healing Session remotely.

This guarantees a much better transmission of the healing energy and your energy field can restore itself much quicker.

Remote Healing has been practiced as a form of spiritual healing for hundreds of years. Shamans, Medicine men, and women as well as traditional healers and saints have been giving remote healing to people all over the world.

However, a healer needs to be trained in this form of healing to be successful.

There are so many benefits to remote healing that it has established itself as an important healing modality that considers the energetic centers of the body – the chakras.


How does a Remote Trance Healing Session work?

Metaphysically speaking energy is not confined to a certain time or space. For this reason, it is possible for a trained healer to transmit healing energy into another person’s energy field.

By doing so the healer activates the person’s self-healing abilities. Some people are in need of more energy because they feel drained or tired. Other people might need balancing or stabilizing their energy field because they have problems sleeping or relaxing at all.

This is why it is important to me as a healer to know your individual needs.

To gain the best from a Remote Trance Healing Session you should consider the following:

  • take some time for yourself undisturbed (approx. 60min)
  • if possible lay down for the duration of the session
  • you can put gentle background music on if that helps you to relax

If for any reason who are not able to lay down undisturbed for the duration of the session, there is no need to worry. Because the transmission of energy that I send to you can also be received at a later time.

To activate the transmitted healing energy and allow it to come into your energy field – just lay down comfortably when you are ready and in your mind, you set the intention to receive the healing. 

I practice remote healing for many years for clients from all over the world and their positive feedback always brings a smile to my face.

What is Remote Trance Healing?

There are many forms of spiritual healing and the most well-known is Reiki. Reiki has been brought into this world by Dr. Usui from Japan more than 100 years ago. Today it is used by people from all over the world as a form of spiritual healing. Reiki focuses on bringing balance and comfort to the body, mind, and spirit.

For a Trance Healing, I enter into a certain type of Trance state, in which I do connect with my astroshamanic Trance Guides. The connection with these Guides from other Dimensions allows me to enhance my healing abilities and release energetic blockages on a deeper level. This makes this form of healing so powerful and can lead to immediate positive changes. 

Such as an increase in happiness and calm. Feeling more loving or loveable and able to express this to others as well. An increase in energy and balance has been reported too.


My qualifications in these areas are:

– Level 1 & 2 in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki (developed by Dr. Usui)

– Level 1 & 2 in Dragon Reiki and Dragon Ki Reiki (Black Dragon School of Healing)

– Astroshamanic Trance Healing ( by Franco Santoro)

Possible Experiences during a Remote Trance Healing Session:

Everybody is different. The feedback from my clients from all over the world is showing me that every session is different. Some of my clients reported warm sensations in certain areas of their bodies, others said they have seen colors or even felt a presence in the room. Others reported they felt super relaxed and at ease, comfortable and some said they even fell asleep.


True Healing takes time!

It is absolutely possible to experience immediate positive changes just after one session, but healing should be understood as a process that has different stages.

For this reason, I recommend leaving at least 3 – 4 weeks between two Remote Trance Healing Sessions. This allows your body to come into balance after the energetic changes.

You should consider a Remote Shamanic Trance Healing Session if you :

– feel tired and exhausted

– have motivation problems

– stand before or after an operation

– have problems sleeping

– suffer from nervous tension and stress

– gave birth

– had an accident

– feel burnt out

– suffer from restlessness

– find it hard to relax

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