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For thousands of years, many spiritual teachers and mystics have highlighted the importance of purification of the body, mind, and spirit. I believe that in our modern times this has even become more important. Inspired by Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism as well as others I created my Energy Purification Session.

These philosophies and practices are based on the understanding that any energetic imbalances could lead to issues affecting the whole state of our being.

Especially in our modern times in which the toxic influence has increased so much, it’s utterly important to cleanse and purify your energy field regularly.


Negative and toxic factors that can disturb your energetic balance:

– Environmental pollutants in air and water, exhaust gases and chemtrails, etc.

– Toxins and pesticides in food that is non-organic or GMO etc.

– Radiation (electric appliances, UV-radiation, radioactive radiation, etc.)

– Locations of living – and working places

– Mass media and their news reports ( Social Media, TV, newspaper, internet, etc.)

– Negative thoughts & feelings

– Energy of other people

If such negative energies are not purified and cleansed from your energy field, they can penetrate deeper into your system and create more serious problems.

There are some factors that we can influence.

Mainly the importance of high quality and organic food is something that we can consciously decide on.

While the avoidance of environmental toxins is much more difficult as they seem far out of our personal sphere of influence. But there are still some factors about how we can protect ourselves better from them.

The influence of other people is something that we can change or even avoid if we wanted to. First of all, we then need to become aware of their negative influence.

Signs that can help you to identify toxic or negative influences:

– you feel tired and exhausted after you have been to a certain place or spend time with certain people

– you suffer from sudden digestive problems

– you feel anxious or nervous

– you feel stressed

– you suffer from insomnia

– you feel overloaded with other peoples problems

– you suddenly have unexplained pain after you spend time with certain people

– you suffer from sudden headaches

– you are dealing with sudden self-worth problems

– you suddenly feel sick or dizzy

These are just a few symptoms that can come up after you have been energetically poisoned by toxins or negativity. Every person will react differently and these signs don’t need to show up all at once. Especially when it comes to energetic toxicity and negativity it will most likely affect your nervous system.

Thoughts are powerful energetic impulses that can penetrate deep into our subconscious mind. In long term, if a certain thought gains enough energy (by thinking it again and again) it can become a part of you.




What you can do to protect yourself:

There are mindfulness and meditation techniques that can help you with this. Mindfulness will focus on the present moment and your current feelings and thoughts. While meditation will help you to protect your mind against negative influences from the outside.

Most of us have problems keeping a positive or at least stable mind. An average person has nearly 48.5 thoughts a minute and that adds up to 70’000 thoughts per day, according to the University of Southern California. If we now consider that not all of these thoughts arise through our own will but could be thoughts of other people. Yes, now you can an idea of the amount of daily energetic influence. Additionally, it could be things we have seen on TV, read somewhere on Social Media, the Internet, or newspaper.


My Energy Purification Session will help you to clear away all that is not yours.


A thoughtful selection of high vibrational music, energy clearing mantras, and guided meditations are very powerful.

If you use my Energy Purification Session on a daily basis you will soon see the positive results emerging. You will not only cleanse away the negativity that has been accumulating in your energy field. Furthermore, you will also slowly experience how your mind will change its way of thinking.

What my clients say:

Excellent purification meditation using it on a regular basis as I feel a lot better after. Very relaxing and easy to listen to vocals are great. Would recommend to anyone.” – Nicola, UK

The Meditation Session is pre-recorded and can be downloaded to any of your devices immediately. The best thing is – you only pay once and have unlimited use of this powerful Session – no matter where you are in the world.

These 5-Easy Steps to get you started right away:

1. Step: Get your Energy Purification Session here…

2. Step: Download it on any of your devices
3. Step: Make sure you are in a safe and comfortable place for the duration of the Session
4.Step: Lay or sit down comfortably
5. Step: Enjoy the Energy Purification Session

My clients from all over the world love this Energy Purification Session.

Listen to a FREE 3min. Preview here:

Energy Purification preview image

“Really good meditation. Listened three days in a row and it feels great. Very well guided.” – Soul, Germany
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