How the moon can help you heal

In my astroshamanic healing work, I use different tools and methods to enhance my overall healing abilities. In my previous article and podcast episode (The secrets of an astroshamanic healer), I spoke about a few tools that I use.

They are:

  • Intention
  • Timing
  • Tools

In this article, I will share more information about the right timing for healing and how you can implement this into your healing practice. It doesn’t matter if you are a Reiki Healer, Faith Healer, Spiritual Healer, or Energy Healer. Furthermore, the information I will share with you today can be beneficial if you work in any health field, such as a doctor, nurse, surgeon, or another health practitioner, or alternative medicine therapist.

The right time for healing

Choosing the right timing is an essential tool to enhance the overall healing abilities. Since ancient times people have been using the moon calendar to determine healing days. In those days, medicine men and women carefully deducted healing rituals and practices according to the right timing. Those people embraced that our bodies are living organisms and are very much influenced by the seasons and the moon cycles. Observations took place over thousands of years, and incredible healing successes were noted when choosing the proper healing time.

It is not a secret that the moon affects life here on earth with all its living beings, such as plants, animals, and humans. If we pay more attention, we can see that animals are susceptible to the moon’s phases and even determine their energy levels. We increasingly realize that we also have to change energy levels and metabolism activities depending on the moon phase.

Healing at the right time favors the quality of healing, including the lesser occurrence of side effects and quicker recovery. Also, if we could learn how to give patients the right amount of medication at the right time, this could increase its effectiveness.

This means if you can choose a suitable timing for healing, you will use a very efficient tool in your healing practice. 

What is health?

Based on Oriental Medicine, which is thousands of years old, health is understood as a state of balance. This means when the forces inside of our body are well balanced out, we experience a sense of well-being, strength, vitality, and overall health.

The same principle we find in other oriental medicine such as Ayurveda, the teachings of Yoga and QiGong, Tai Chi, and others.

What is oriental medicine?

“Oriental Medicine (OM) is one of the world’s most ancient healing systems, used to maintain and restore vibrant health to men, women, and children of all ages for over 4,000 years.

Today, prominent health organizations such as the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recognize the benefits of Oriental Medicine.

These organizations endorse its practice as a safe, valid, and effective form of medicine for many medical conditions.”

A person becomes unhealthy when they lose balance, which can happen in many different ways.

  • change of season
  • exposure to outer pathogens such as wind, dampness, cold, heat
  • emotional trauma
  • dietary habits
  • lack of exercise

All diseases in Chinese Medicine come from an imbalance of Yin and Yang” – Eagle Herbs.

Usually, the body, if fit and well nourished, can easily fight off pathogens such as:

  • seasonal changes
  • viruses
  • bacteria

If the body is weak (out of balance) for a period of time, illness can occur. Chronic problems can penetrate the system if untreated (rest up, slow down, change diet or habits that lead to imbalance).

Based on the principle of oriental medicine, two fundamental principles lead to imbalance:

  • excess (too much)
  • deficit (not enough) 

Such an imbalance can cause problems in the body, mind, and spirit. The treatments received in traditional Oriental medicine will aim to bring back balance so health can be restored.


The relationship between the moon and the sun

Not only in Astroshamanic Healing but also in science, we know that the moon and the sun have an extraordinary and powerful relationship. The sun has an immense gravitational force that holds the whole solar system in place. At the same time, the moon’s gravitational force allows life to flourish here on earth as we know it. It is together achieving the perfect balance of natural forces that life can strive on earth with enough oxygen to create an atmosphere that makes the world habitat for living organisms.

The sun’s power keeps the earth in a nearly circular orbit which gives us the four seasons as we know them.

While the sun represents light, warmth, and vital energy, it is classified as YANG energy. Active, radiating, and seeking expression outward. The sun gives us the days while the moon rules the nights as a counterpart.

The moon stands for the dark, the night, and the feminine. 

Our vital energy is determined by the seasons and time of day

So we feel more energized in spring than in winter and so on. In traditional Chinese Medicine, we also understand that specific organs are stronger or weaker each season, and more common ailments are related to the seasons.

The moon orbits around the earth and, in conjunction with the sun, moves the tides (liquids) on earth through a gravitational pull. Such events also affect our biochemistry and our biorhythm. Some studies have already proved that the influence of the moon has effects on our fertility as well as metabolism.


Not only are humans tracking the moon cycle, but many animals are also doing this.

Oysters tracking the moon cycle

“IN FEBRUARY 1954, biologist Frank Brown discovered something that made no sense. While investigating whether oysters can keep time, he found that they open their shells to feed at high tide, roughly twice a day. Brown had a hunch they weren’t simply responding to changes in their environment but would continue the rhythm even if moved far from the sea. He shipped a batch of oysters from the ocean off New Haven, Connecticut, hundreds of kilometres inland to Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Brown kept the shellfish in a sealed darkroom, shielded from temperature, pressure, water currents, and light changes. At first, the oysters kept their rhythm, feeding each day in time with the New Haven tides. Then, something strange happened – their feeding times gradually shifted until they lagged 3 hours behind. Brown was mystified until he realized that they had adapted to the local state of the moon: they were feeding at times when Evanston if it were by the sea, would experience high tide. Despite having no obvious environmental cues, these shellfish somehow tracked lunar cycles.

Brown became convinced that oysters, humans, and all life forms are plugged into subtle cosmic cues, continuously sensing both lunar and solar movements to coordinate biological processes, from metabolism to reproduction.” – ( 2022)

Influence of the moon

Influence of the moon on human behavior

A study in 2014 concluded that the full moon was associated with lower sleep efficiency, or percentage of time spent asleep while in bed.

A small study in 2012 with males found that the moon’s gravitational pull may affect the human body’s cardiovascular functions, making people more physically efficient during the full and new moon.

A small study in 2017 found that individuals with bipolar disorder were affected by lunar patterns, and a more extensive 2017 study found that 81% of mental health professionals offered anecdotal evidence of a relationship between full moons and human illness” – Healthline 2022

The moon cycles and healing

For thousands of years, ancient medicine men and women have observed that the moon would influence not only animals and their behaviour but also the weather and the growth and harvest of certain plants. Those people realized that the moon did influence our biorhythms and, therefore, our ability to restore balance and be healthy. Furthermore, they realized that the moon cycles did affect the healing of wounds in the human body.

The use of the moon calendar in modern times

In modern times the moon calendar is well used by spiritual people for locating the Full and New Moon.  However, these days most spiritual practices focus more on using the moon for manifesting, casting spells, or doing release rituals. Of course, these can be beneficial practices to enhance your spiritual journey. Nevertheless, the moon’s potential on a physical level has nearly been ignored.

The moons influence on the physical body

Working with the forces of nature and allowing them to assist you in your healing work. In your personal life, you can use the moon calendar to track energy levels and plan necessary medical treatments.

I am sure that the acknowledgment and importance of the moon cycles and their impact will soon find their way into hospitals worldwide.

Implementing the moon wisdom for personal healing

Knowing how the moon cycles can help you heal and recover more quickly is a powerful tool that you can use. There are many ways to use the moon cycles to benefit yourself and others.

  • use it in your healing treatments
  • plan your week or month (as you can predict energy levels)
  • restore and recover quicker from illness
  • use it to plan essential medical treatments and appointments
  • balance your life to live in harmony with the universal forces
Personal healing
Full Moon:


Even one day before and one day after! No matter what kind of operations.

More complications lowered wound healing, too much bleeding or blood loss expected, and more side effects during this time.

Emotions run high during Full Moon.

And so does the sensitivity of our bodies; disturbing this balance can have more complications.

Mental health issues are rising around those days – so try to stay calm and relax. Or release excess energy.


How to work with Moon cycles in your everyday life

1. Mark the two phases of the moon in your calendar

2. Green for the waxing phase ( New Moon – Full Moon) about growing, nourishing, and building your system

3. Yellow for the waning phase (Full Moon – New Moon) about releasing, removing, letting go, and getting rid off

4. Mark the Full and New Moon as well as each day before and after

(not to have any surgical treatments)

You can now also plan treatments for your clients accordingly.

Moon calendar example

Whether you are an energy healer, nutritional therapist, alternative medicine practitioner, yoga teacher, nurse, or doctor. You can also apply it for yourself and the healing of your family. 

Want to learn more about how to work with the moon calendar? You can read my article here…

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