The Astroshamanic Medicine of Aries

Today we are exploring the dynamic nature of Aries in astrology. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and marks the beginning of the new astrological year. Its energy moves outward, is expansive, sudden, and often uncontrolled.

As a cardinal sign, Aries stands for the beginning of Spring, the Equinox, and the return of the sun in the northern hemisphere. The Sun transits through Aries approximately from March 21 to April 19 each year. People born under this sun sign tend to be outspoken, brave, and curious about learning new things.

The beginning of the astrological new year manifests its energy quickly. Associated with the element of fire, Aries gets quickly heated. Its enthusiasm can be mesmerizing. Many people look up to its qualities for being authentic, direct, and very initiative. In Astroshamanism, Aries energy will be applied when someone lacks energy, assertiveness, or the will to live.
In the right use, this energy will bring warmth and strength. Working with the energy of Aries requires an open mind and discipline. It means entering unknown territory and breaking through existing paths, rules, and patterns.

Perfect for those who look for a fresh start, need to make a decision quickly, or want to draw more energy to allow themselves to be more independent and authentic in their ways.

Aries Shamanic Medicine
There are many ways we can work with the medicine of Aries; on the physical, the mental, emotional and spiritual level.

When exploring the dynamic nature of Aries in astrology, we can either choose the month in which the sign is mostly present MARCH – APRIL. Starting on the day when the sun moves into the sign of ARIES and finish when the SUN leaves ARIES. This month is all about rebuilding and nurturing. Here we set the intention for the upcoming 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Moreover, we can also decide to work with its ruling planet Mars.


Aries is a very physical sign and reminds us to look after our bodies.

The wheel starts turning and we can set the energy on what we want to achieve. Stretching our inner muscles, getting ready to build something new.

At this time it can be very beneficial to drink a lot of greens. I use certain super-green powders. Those powders easily can be mixed with a bit of juice or water. They provide important vitamins and minerals to build and replenish the blood.

Additionally you can think about to using Protein in the morning, such as organic bone broth or natural protein shakes (only non-ultraprocessed) which will help to build the energy for the rest of the year. Strengthenign the kindeys, building stomach linen and muscles.


The beginning of the astrological cycle

Exploring the dynamic nature of Aries in astrology allows you to tap into the emerging of new opportunities and possibilities. Our mind is open and curious. This is the time to focus outward and have new experiences that go beyond our comfort zone. Here we will learn about the power of the mind. The one who has not learned to control it might find himself in turmoil and turn between passion, desire, and free will. The task with Aries is to find balance within oneself. However, to achieve this we first need to release physical energy. Yoga, but also walking could be very beneficial to bring back new energy in every part of our being.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. You can read more about this planet here.

Aries and the Ego

There will be explosive moments full of anger and rage entering the stage of inner performance. Asking us to come forward and confront those demons that hold us tight. We might end up fighting those and many others, while we paving our path. Filled with achievements that we did set ourselves, to conquer, break down, or attain. We are invited to be direct, honest, and raw and live with its consequences. Learning to work with fire can be beneficial but only for those who know how to control it. Uncontrolled it can take many directions and if we are not careful it can burn it all away. If so we are asked the rebuild ourselves from the ashes, knowing the ego is the least thing that will prevail.”

Mehal Mahipal – My First Aries Shamanic Journey.

Aries the great Initiatior

“Aries feels the responsibility of being the initiator of the annual cycle. It has no time to waste. It moves with clarity, putting aside unnecessary complications and facing with courage all kinds of obstacles, even at the cost of offering its life. “Action and not words” is its motto. Aries is a cosmic representation of the animal power that erupts in the first stage of manifestation. It is a creative and destructive fire, blind and rebellious, chaotic and prolific, that expands in all directions.

The cycle of Aries incorporates Easter, the Jewish festival of Passover, or Pesach, and all other related vernal equinox celebrations of pre-Christian traditions. The name Easter seems to come from “Eostre,” the Anglo-Saxon name of a Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility, whose festival was celebrated around the equinox. Traditions associated with those pre-Christian times survive in the Easter painted eggs and the Easter rabbit, whose function was to chase away the spirit of winter.”

– Franco Santoro

Aries Medicine

“We turn to Aries and work with its energy if we lack assertiveness, are disempowered, or are generally low on energy.

Aries belongs to the element of fire with its enthusiastic and spontaneous expression. It quickly gets excited about new ventures, however often without thinking them through.

Exploring the dynamic nature of Aries in astrology can boost energy, initiation, taking action, overcoming obstacles, or asserting your will. It allows you to access the primal energy you need to pave your path forward.

Furthermore, Aries medicine is about being clear about what WE want and not someone else. Many sensitive people lack this energy of self-assertiveness and far too often put themselves last. Use this powerful medicine to break your limitations and boundaries when you feel defeated, tired, or worn out.

Call upon Aries when you need some kick up your arse or need to access some deep-seated energy resources.

When not to work with Aries medicine

While Aries holds powerful, instant energy release, at the same time, it lacks direction and patience. So don’t work with Aries’s energies if you solve problems requiring time, a sense of detail, or long-term projects. Stay away from Aries if you need more diplomatic energy or if you negotiate with others, as this energy can quickly put you into a selfish light rather than make you want to cooperate.

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