Moon in Astrology

In astrology, the Moon sign refers to the zodiac sign in which the Moon was located at the time of your birth. It is one of the most important factors in a person’s astrological profile and is believed to influence their emotions, instincts, and subconscious tendencies. While the Sun sign represents your core identity and ego, the Moon sign represents your inner self, your emotional nature, and how you instinctively respond to the world around you.

Moon Planet Astrology

To determine your Moon sign, you need to know your date, time, and place of birth. Once you have this information, you can use an online birth chart calculator or consult an astrologer to find out your Moon sign.

Each zodiac sign has its own unique qualities and characteristics, and when the Moon is in a particular sign, it is said to color your emotional landscape. For example, someone with a Moon in Aries may have an impulsive and fiery emotional nature, while someone with a Moon in Cancer may be more nurturing and sensitive.

Understanding your Moon sign can provide insights into your emotional needs, how you express and process emotions, and what makes you feel secure and comfortable. It is also important to consider the interactions between your Moon sign and other elements of your birth chart, such as the Sun sign, rising sign, and planetary aspects, as they all work together to create a more comprehensive astrological profile.

How the moon can help you heal

In Astroshamanism, the Moon gives important indications about healing at the right time.

I work very closely with the moon calendar to determine the best time for healing. Furthermore the moon also can help us to understand how our body absorbs nutrients as well as how our subconcious works. 

I have written a whole article on this subject.

How the moon can help you heal.

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