Why Distant Healing is more powerful than you think

Have you ever tried Distant Healing? Did you ever experience how powerful it can be? Over the years there have been many names given to the phenomena of distant healing. Just to name a few: energy healing, aura healing, shamanic healing, spiritual healing, intercessory prayer, energy psychology, remote healing, and non-local healing.

It is truly a fascinating subject that sometimes can go over our heads because it is hard to comprehend. Distant healing is a well-established faculty and term in spiritual circles.

Even science showed interest in distant healing phenomena and came up with some astonishing proof.

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Ancient wisdom for a modern time

This new understanding of the power of distant healing will add great value to our approach to healing body, mind, and spirit. It also opens our horizons for something that has always been around, but we have somehow forgotten about – the ability to actively influence energy.

For over fifty thousand years, shamans and other native healers knew about the ability to heal others. This included not only 1:1 but also via distance. 

Those people practices this form of healing next to their knowledge about plants and other herb medicines. They never doubted the power and usefulness of their healing abilities.

The use of spiritual healing and its incredible results have been recorded throughout history.

Find out for yourself.

But we don’t need to be spiritual, nor do we need to be overly spiritual to gain actual proof of distant healing. Furthermore, why not try a simple technique Arthur Powell mentioned in his book ‘The Mental Body’ and see the results yourself?

A strong wish for a friend good, sent to him as general protection agency, will remain about him as a thought form for a time proportional to the strength of the thought and will guard him against evil, acting as a barrier against hostile thoughts, and even warding off physical dangers. A thought of peace and consolation similarly sent will soothe and calm the mind, spreading around its object an atmosphere of calm.”

So why not send some loving thoughts to a friend or family member and find out if it works? Ask them if their feelings have changed while you were doing the above exercise. The result will surprise you. A part within you will still try to convince you it was only coincidence, not your thoughts, that made all the difference. In the early stages, it is difficult to allow our minds to comprehend our full potential. Don’t let your doubts hold you back; give it a go! 

More and more scientists are convinced that they have found the missing link, which would explain how spiritual healing or remote healing works. The  (logical mind) answer could be found in quantum physics. 

1. Quantum and remote healing how it actually works

To keep a complicated subject easy, its enough to know that:

Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, such as energy or matter.” (1)

Scientists believe that everything is made of quantum particles and that these quantum particles can be influenced and change their physical behavior/states. This, of course, depends on the method by which they are influenced. In many experiments, scientists discovered that it can influence matter only with our thoughts. Furthermore, it is also possible to transfer thoughts to another person via distance. This can be quite an influential faculty if a person is appropriately trained. You might experience something like that in your life before. When you think of someone, suddenly, precisely what this person did ring you. This is not a coincidence and no kind of mysticism but real physics at work.

quantum physics

In 1920 Arthur E. Powell published a book “The mental body” in which he states:

“If a person thinks strongly of a form in the physical brain, he makes the form in etheric (Subatomic or quantum) matter in the effort of making the image he also sends out etheric waves in energy in every direction.”

Here we can see that even back then, people were aware of how powerful our thoughts can be.

Bruce Lipton, Ph. D., a former cell biologist, and professor at the National Institute of Health, states in an interview very interesting how spiritual healing works on a cellular level.

When energy source entangles with another so that they interfere with each other it is called Entanglement….when one of the healer’s cells vibrates higher than the client’s cells, it becomes entangled, and the energy is lifted…”

This is a very profound and basic concept of understanding Quantum Physics. So Bruce Lipton says that one person’s energy can influence another’s just by meeting each other. Or if we look at the statement above from Mr. Powell, we can create powerful energy via thought transference.

The Persian physician Avicenna has been said to have been one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers, and writers of the Islamic Golden Age. Often was described as the father of early modern medicine stated,

“The imagination of man can act not only on his own body but even on others and very distant bodies. It can fascinate and modify them, make them ill, or restore them to health.”

If we now look a little bit deeper into the understanding of quantum physics and its expression in distant healing, we come across the term non-locality. Dr. Larry Dossey speaks about this phenomenon regarding the Distant Mental effect in his book “Recovering the Soul.” In 1989 he created the concept of the non-local mind.

“According to this concept, as we have seen throughout this book, consciousness cannot be completely localized or confined to specific points in space, such as brains or bodies, or to discrete points in time, such as the present moment.”

Wow, that is amazing, isn’t it? I mean, we have the scientist talking about quantum; we have others who speak about the power of thoughts. Then we have doctors and biologists who genuinely believe that we can transfer energy over a distance because thoughts can travel and consciousness doesn’t have the limitations of space and time. This is truly powerful, and we can see all that shamans and native healers knew already fifty thousand years ago; we now have a proper scientific explanation.

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How my distant healing & healing practice works

Even though this new knowledge is fascinating, I still have to say that the faculty of distant healing or remote healing needs to be appropriately trained. This is not only to make it more powerful and work properly but also that understand the responsibilities and limitations that do come with it. It is very important to receive good and valuable training from a teacher to explore the possibilities of any healing but also to cultivate the faculty of distance healing.

Over the years, I had some amazing experiences in my healing practice that left me stunned and surprised as well. Even I know that spiritual healing, shamanic healing, energy healing, and distance healing work, their power still amazes me. Furthermore, my clients’ results and healing progress make my work as a medium and healer so valuable.

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On the other hand, I also have seen quite the opposite when people start out as mediums and healers without knowing what they do. This can cause problems and more harm than good. I have created my own system in my healing practice which I follow with every client that contacts me to ensure that the healing can go ahead.



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1. I speak to my clients before I arrange a healing session

It is essential to me to talk to any of my clients before I put a healing appointment with them. Only in this case can I find out if the energy of the client and my energy as a healer are in tune with each other. It also offers the opportunity to explain how I work and what to expect from healing.

2. I don’t do any healing if the client is not committed

The healing progress can only occur if the client is committed to healing. If that is not the case, it is a waste of energy and time on both sides. This commitment can express itself in different situations, such as sticking to the arranged appointment, paying on time for the session, and following the advice that might be given after the session. A healing session/distant healing session takes a lot of preparation for the healer; the client should be aware of this too.

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3. Distant Healing or other Healing Sessions don’t replace seeing a doctor

Even distant healing or shamanic energy healing is very powerful and can change your life; it is only complimentary. That means you will still need to see a doctor if your health problems require that. But a healing session will assist you in finding a deeper understanding of your issues as well as it will help you to activate your self-healing abilities.

4. You can’t be healed against your will, and I will not heal anyone who doesn’t request it

This is very important to understand because I frequently get emails and messages from people asking if I could do healing for this or that person. As much as I do understand that we do want to help someone in need, I will and can’t interfere in someone else karma. People need to be open for healing if not, it goes against the morals and ethics I work with in my practice.

In his book “The mental body” Arthur E. Powell states this very clearly:

“Care must be taken not to control the patient’s will in any way. It is morally wrong for a man to impose his will on another, even to make him do right. True growth is not helped by external coercion; the intelligence must be convinced, the emotions aroused and purified, before gain is made.”

My work as a healer is always based on the highest good intentions for my clients. I am very committed to the standard of my work a follow a strict concept of morals and ethics.


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