How to combine crystals with the Lunar Cycles

In Astroshamanism, the moon holds a special significance. Ancient cultures were all aware of the moon’s role in our lives. For thousands of years, humanity has known about the impact of the different lunar cycles on our health, mood, personality traits, tides, agriculture, harvest phases, and even the events in our lives.

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The importance of the Moon in our daily lives

I have created a whole signature program that will be launched in 2023 and is based on the wisdom, cycles, and influence of the moon on our everyday lives. Especially its impact on our metabolism and its potential to “eat the right thing at the right time”. This way you can not only lose weight more easily, but moreover you can help your body to heal quicker, reduce recovery time and best of all you can consciously use the right supplement to superpower your body.

Since the moon is so involved with our lives, it is helpful to know about what its many cycles represent. We should also understand how these cycles affect our lives and what we can do to ensure well-being, harmony, and growth.

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The Moon And Its Cycles

The moon has always been associated with feminine energy. As such, it represents fluidity, wisdom, change, emotions, intuition, creativity, and so on. Due to its revolution around our planet and relative positions, it forms a cyclic pattern spanning 29.5 days. During this time, it goes from the new moon to the full moon and vice-versa.

In Astroshamanic Healing, I use the wisdom of the Sun and the Moon to allocate the best time for healing for my clients worldwide. This way, I can enhance my healing abilities and add an important tool – “the right timing for healing” to my toolbox.

The various cycles of the moon have their meanings and symbolism. Each phase has specific energy you can experience, get attuned to, and use to connect with your inner self. In addition to other spiritual practices, you can use different crystals to get the most out of lunar cycles.


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Moon Cycles, Their Significance, And Crystals To Use

1) New Moon

This is the start of the lunar cycle. In this phase, the moon starts building its intensity, which you can use to power new initiatives and manifest your dreams and desires. Each New Moon Cycle will be influenced by the Star Sign the New Moon takes place. This will set the overall primary energy of the whole of the moon cycle.

In Astroshamanism, we can locate this emergence of the New Moon in our personal horoscopes, which allows us to work much deeper on the moon cycles and their influence. Furthermore, we can pinpoint areas that will be affected by this New Moon Cycle, prepare, work around those issues, and allow the whole cycle to deal with them. Most people will focus more on the basic understanding of the new moon, which often represents fresh, creative ideas and set intentions for the rest of the moon cycle.

It is also a time of reflection in which we are just about to start, but we are not quite ready yet. It is a good time for meditation and gaining some focus on which areas of our lives need more attention during this new cycle that is about to emerge.

The best crystals to use

You can support these using crystals like amethyst, citrine, quartz, and moonstone. You can meditate with these crystals, place them throughout your home, or program your intention into them. You can then carry those crystals with you along the whole of the lunar cycle and be reminded of your intention. If you charge those crystals with healing energy, they become great helpers along the path.

2) Waxing Crescent

This is the continuation of the lunar cycle, and there is a natural upsurge of energy on the moon. This represents growth, hope, and motivation.

Therefore, in this phase, you should focus on mapping your steps to achieve your goals. On a physical level, our bodies are now very receptive to outer energies. This means we put weight on more quickly, but any strengthening supplements are also more potent during this time.

You should also strengthen your determination. To make this possible, you can use crystals like green aventurine, green opal, moss agate, and jade.

Jade gemstone
3) First Quarter

This phase is often called the half-moon. It represents growing strength, commitment, and determination. During this phase, you should stay committed to your plan, even if you’re beginning to have doubts.

Returning to the beginning of the cycle by holding your crystal in your hand and refocusing on the intention you set can help you stay on track. Crystals like the tiger’s eye and carnelian can greatly help in that regard.

Tigers Eye
4) Waxing Gibbous

At this phase, the moon is almost halfway through its cycle. This symbolizes buds that are about to bloom into flowers. This is the perfect time for you to practice mindfulness and meditate on your dreams and goals.

This allows you to perfect your intentions and manifest your heart’s desires. You probably already feel some tension building up toward the Full Moon at this stage.

Are you ready to release those energies in some way or the other? Crystals like howlite, fluorite, and sodalite can support you during this phase.

5) Full Moon

The full moon is a very significant phase of the moon. During this phase, your natural traits get heightened, and there is a lot of energy for you to tap into. However, suppressed emotions, feelings of feeling stuck, or build-up tension now find a great portal to be released.

When this is done correctly, there is a great chance the we can truly overcome an issue we have been dealing with. For some people, who are more unaware of their intention from the beginning of the cycle and about their personal emotions, it can be an intense time of release. It is very well-known in hospitals, and the police station is very busy during a Full Moon.

We are more prone to impulsive behaviour, accidents, and rash decisions. You can use this energy to gain clarity about what’s working and what’s not, let go of dead ends, and practice gratitude for everything you’ve accomplished. During the full moon, you can use healing crystals like rose quartz, howlite, shungite, and chrysocolla to soak in the lunar energy.



6) Waning Gibbous

This is the phase where the brilliant light of the moon starts to diminish. This represents reflection, eliminating stress, letting your achievements sink in, and so on. This is an excellent time to let the universe work for us, trust the process, letting go of everything that we no longer need that is holding us back or blocking our path needs to be removed now.

During this phase, to help you eliminate any negative energies, you can use crystals like lepidolite, amazonite, and polychrome jasper.

7) Third Quarter

This phase of the moon is quite crucial because it not only represents harvesting what you sowed during the new moon but also sets the ground for new manifestations.

This is a very important time as we will soon be moving into the Dark Phase of the Moon, which is often the most challenging time of the moon cycle.

You might experience a drop in energy; again, it is all about trusting the process, knowing if you have been aware during this whole cycle, significant changes will come for you. So for this phase, you can use crystals to help discover what comes next. Some great ones are fluorite, Tibetan quartz, and scolecite.

8) Waning Crescent – Dark Phase of the moon

This is a phase wherein you can hardly see the moon, and it is continuing to diminish. Definitely, the most challenging part of the whole moon cycle, because it represents more darkness.

Depending on which signs the moon is moving through, it will trigger their shadow side. This means, if the moon is for example, in Libra, we will be confronted with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Two things Libra fears the most.

We doubt ourselves more and are unsure about anything regarding the future. Our energies are really low, and we are much more tired than before. It is important to know that this won’t last forever, and soon we will have gained new strength and confidence in ourselves and others.

To make the best of the time, why not rest, review, and also hone skills for the next lunar cycle? Some excellent crystals supporting you during this phase are unakite, rose quartz, rhodonite, and rhodochrosite.


The dark phase of the moon is the most challenging one.

Despite its darkness, it also holds the most potential for light at the same time.

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