Rituals and the Law of attraction

Rituals are an essential part of spiritual practice. Furthermore, they can also be used to accelerate your manifesting process. Those who successfully apply the Law of Attraction understand that there is a sacred method to it. This kind of sacred method can be found in rituals. Not many people realize that we perform rituals all the time; every day, you have a set schedule in which you get up at a particular time and drive to work or catch the bus or train. Brushing your teeth in the morning before going to work or before you go to bed is a ritual. Something that has a particular order which needs to be followed.

bed time routine

Rituals can accelerate your manifestation.

To successfully apply the Laws of Attraction, you must have a steady ritual of learning and manifesting practices. Without those rituals, you are only skimming the surface of the attraction process. There are different levels of energy available to us that we can use to enhance what we want to attract into our lives. Many coaches teach us to post pictures or write mantras around our home as a form of goal setting. Based on the belief that your mind sees those pictures, you are reminded of what you want to attract or manifest in your life. Over time, this constant reminder or vision in front of your eyes will be deeply ingrained into your subconscious mind. And this is actually where the magic happens.

Embody what you desire

However, you can manifest faster when you genuinely embody what you want, for example, in form or a ritual. In Astroshamanism, we also use the insights of Astrology to hold certain ways on specific days that help to support the ritual’s purpose. Here we do not only have patterns for our gain or manifestation but also to help and heal others. Choosing the right timing for such rituals allows us to use some extra cosmic energy that adds to and enhances average powers.


Rituals Connect You to Your Source

The law of attraction is based on or closely connected to the law or resonance. Which states that we only attract what we already are or are already living. Therefore, everything that matches our personal frequency could find a way into our lives. This is not only our mindset, which merely helps us to focus, but it is all of our body, mind, and spirit. So if you want to attract more abundance, health, or anything else that you wish for – you need to act as if it already has happened. Many people learn to raise their vibration to match a higher better frequency by practicing gratitude. If you find a reason to be grateful for what you have, you will get more of it. Blessing your food, your relationships, your place, and your work can be a good start. What about whether you always have enough or are warm and comfy in winter? We so easily take things for granted and forget how to give thanks. How often have you complained about something other people would be grateful for?

Gratitude Ritual

You don’t have to perform massive rituals, but regular small ways can make all the difference. Yourate your altar with flowers, crystals, and other things you enjoy. . You can even create a small gratitude corner where you put things you want or like. You take a moment to say thank you every time you go past and allow it to touch you’re being deep. On some days, you might meditate in front of the altar and fill yourself with joy and abundance before you start your day. This will ripple effect on everything you do all day and create more of them.

You can also start dancing for joy and bath in gratitude by thinking of all the things and people that make your life meaningful. Allow the music to move you to higher planes of existence. This is a great way to start, and more of this joy will flow into your life.

You could charge your favorite crystal with gratitude energy or imprint your power to work with the law of attraction onto it. When you manifest, you hold the crystal in your hand, so it gets stronger and stronger. By carrying the crystal around, you will always have a little reminder and a carrier of pure manifestation power.

Ritual iwth crystals

It would help if you claimed it

The law of attraction does not just happen accidentally; you need to claim it as yours as the truth. Otherwise, it has no power, and it’s more like wishful thinking. It would help to erase those doubts, fears, and worries because their energy will override your manifestation powers. To acknowledge that you are the creator of your life is a powerful thing to do because it means all that you have attracted to you, which means the good, the bad, and the ugly. So by claiming what is yours, the power of manifestation, you will also need to claim all the stuff you don’t like in your life. This means you will need to address those areas honestly and openly and see how you can change them.

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Not everything is meant to be

As you probably have noticed, not all dreams come true, which may be a good thing. To be honest, how many things have you wished for or dreamt of, and in the end, it was good not to have had them? And yes, of course, there are other things that just never manifested. Certain items will just not happen – for whatever reason. Above all, higher power gives life to all that is. While it will always provide you with what you ask for – it is not necessarily precisely what we hoped for. The divine intelligence understands that your wishes, desires, or dreams might not be the best for you. We, as limited self-beings, are not aware of this divine intelligence and, therefore, soon give up thinking that manifestation doesn’t work for us. This has nothing to do with you; some things are just not meant to be. For some, this is enough to give away their power as creators and manifestor. But on a higher plane, it’s not all about getting what you want but about what you need to grow and learn.

True manifestation is in alignment with the divine source.

We should never give up on surrendering to divine intelligence and its power. To align yourself with positivity and all that is good in life. Seeking out good experiences, happiness, joy, and a life with purpose is the most potent manifestation of power on earth. Once we come from a space of proper alignment, everything is possible, and we will not have thoughts or doubts. Moreover, the fear of rejection or not getting what we hoped for will disappear. The moment where you trust the source and surrender to its guidance is the moment in which you will emerge as an actual creator. The self-indulgence of just wanting it your way will make space for wanting something bigger than yourself—a purpose, a meaning, something that completely fills your heart so it overflows.

divine source

The basic principle of the law of attraction

If you have always done what you have been doing, chances are, you will always attract what you have been attracting, which includes your daily habits, rituals, and thoughts that rush around your mind. Once you change those, step by step, you will slowly but steadily transform all of your life. By focusing all that is good in your life, and if you can’t see it in your life, look outside of yourself. Seek beauty, seek things that make you happy and smile, fulfill you and allow you to be in the flow with things. Once you have found that, follow this stream. It will guide you to more positive experiences and a very meaningful life.

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