Is fasting good for your spiritual development?

There is a lot of talk about doing the right practice to enhance your spiritual development right now. People turn to yoga, and meditation, and spend time on retreats and many of them praise a proper detox for body, mind, and spirit.

Especially fasting has been used for thousands of years by yogis, gurus, mystics, and other religious groups to enhance spiritual growth. Even today, there are a lot of self-help books regarding fasting on the market. The most popular forms of fasting are a Calorie Restricting Fast, Macro Nutrient Restricting Fast (restricted eating on Carbohydrates, Fat, and Protein), and Season Eating.

fasting for spiritual enhancement

Fasting is so much needed right now.

The desire for detox is much more needed than ever in our times. Stress and chemical pollution of air, water, and food take their toll on our physical and mental well-being. Furthermore, over-consumption of sugar and/or all the processed meals we eat today in our busy lifestyles are not helping either.

There are significant benefits of fasting, but they’re also reactions and dangers you might experience and definitely should be aware of before you start. I am not a fasting expert and am not claiming to be one. But I had some experience and learned things I didn’t know when I first started fasting. Today I know more, and I have different reasons for fasting, including my personal and spiritual development. Some of my knowledge I would like to share some with you today.

The benefits of fasting:

Fasting will help you detox your body by burning fat cells (do the lack of food). Fat cells are said to store toxins the body is unable to deal with. There are many benefits to reducing food intake for a certain period of time, and many people just consider weight loss (but you should never start fasting for that reason). When you fast, the body will start to promote blood sugar control by reducing Insulin Resistance. This is certainly helpful for those who are at risk of diabetes. Additionally, fasting enhances your heart health by improving blood pressure, Triglyceride, and cholesterol levels. It will also decrease issues around inflammation in the body, which is very good for people suffering from chronic issues.

Fasting will boost your brain function and brain structure, especially if you do it for a more extended period of time. The human growth hormone HGH also seems to get a boost, and the build of muscles and metabolism will be strengthened.

fasting benefits

The three types of fasting:

There are different types of fasting, and you will need to find out what suits you. Not every fast is for everyone; it depends on your lifestyle, overall health, why you want to fast, and how your body adjusts to it.

Calorie Restriction Fasts:

You can lower your calorie intake with intermittent fasting, which means that you are going without food for a certain period of time. These types of fasts are generally between 12 and 48 hours. If you only fast for a day, you ensure that you eat enough calories the day before, so you are balanced. If you fast for a more extended period of time, such as a few days or weeks, there are certain things to consider. Before going on a long-term fast, you should always speak to a health adviser, your GB, or another health expert.

Some gurus and yogis say that two meals a day would be enough and speak about all the spiritual benefits you get. What they say might be accurate in certain circumstances and if you follow a low-exercise lifestyle. But before you decide on such lifestyle changes, you will need to speak to an expert and check your health level.

Macro Nutrient Restriction Fast:

This type of fasting restricts certain macronutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, or protein. There are a lot of diet books out there that want to tell you that fat is bad, that carbs are bad, and some even say it’s the protein. At the end of the day, the body needs all these nutrients to be healthy. Of course, if someone eats lots of protein, such as athletes, they could benefit from a few days of this type of fasting. Furthermore, someone who eats a lot of fat might consider something like this. Especially when you feel very sluggish or have problems with constipation, a macronutrient restriction fast could assist to get this right. Ultimately, the amount and quality of nutrients you consume, all in moderation, will keep you happy and healthy.

Seasonal Eating

This is not a fast; furthermore, it’s conscious eating. You will observe the seasons and eat vegetables and other foods accordingly to their seasonal growth. During summer, you might eat less fat and carbs because your body doesn’t need them much. While the winter season starchy vegetables and certain meats provide the necessary bolster you need during the colder months. Especially in our modern times, we would benefit from organic-grown seasonal food to ground ourselves.

There is also another, not so well-known but incredibly powerful fasting which includes all three types of fasting.

Moon Cycle Fasting

Moon cycle

This way of looking at fasting includes considering the seasons and the cosmic cycles and is also in tune with the Moon Cycles. This is incredibly powerful and holds old wisdom on aligning oneself with the power of the universe on a physical level.

Have you ever wondered why you like or dislike certain foods on different days? You maybe have an aversion to milk, but on some days, you truly crave it. The same could be with fat or carbs. Some days fruits taste so amazing. On other days you experience a different taste? That has something to do with the moon. The moon orbits around the earth in 28.5 days, and during this cycle, she also passes through the 12 signs of the zodiac. This cycle activates certain areas and processes in the body and makes the body crave things or helps it to better absorb it.

Generally speaking, you can say the body absorbs best on these days:

Fire Sign Days: (ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS): protein, vitamins

Earth Sign Days (TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN): starchy vegetables & salt

Air Signs Days:(GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS): nuts, seeds, fats

Water Signs Days: (CANCER, SCORPIO, PISCES): leaves and greens

The best fasting days would be one day before, during, and one day after FULL MOON and NEW MOON to give your body a super re-boost.

This type of fasting is super safe, and you add a bit of extra power to it by eating the right things at the right time. This will help the body to absorb what it needs even better.

Get a moon calendar and check out the cycle of the moon and the signs she passes through, and you are all set up for your new diet.

Moonphase Healing

As Astroshamanic Healer, I work closely with the cosmic cycle to create Healing Rituals. This is a powerful way to receive healing at the right time and can boost your overall system. Find out more about this powerful way of healing here… 

Spiritual benefits of fasting:

  •  improves mental clarity
  • detoxes your system
  • instills discipline
  • makes you aware of your cravings/food addiction
  • assists in reaching different stages of consciousness
  • makes you humble
  • cleanses out trauma stored in the fat cells
  • helps to recalibrate your priorities
  • assists in mindfulness
  • improves gratitude
  • enhances lucid dreaming or dream work in genera
  • makes you more sensitive to energies
  • lightens your thought processes
  •  heightens awareness

I do fasting to enhance my spiritual practice and work very close around the moon calendar by taking supplements and seasonal eating. It helps me to work more in tune with the natural cycles and allows me to integrate energetic shifts in my work, body, mind, and spirit.

Reactions and Dangers of Fasting:

People with health issues, newbies to fasting, and people planning to do long-term fasting or lifestyle changes should always consult an expert or doctor. The same is for pregnant women and women who suffer from menstrual problems.

Through long-term fasting, you can drop into malnutrition, especially if you don’t take any supplements. Your blood sugar might drop too low, or other things can make you feel uncomfortable, such as anxiety, heart palpations, nausea, lightheadedness, dizziness, insomnia, pains, and others.

The body needs food to stay alive, and even tho reducing calorie intake has its benefits it also has dangers we should consider.

Fasting is good for your overall health and can help with spiritual development only if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, it can be tough and sometimes even life-threatening (in severe cases).

So before you do any fasting, speak to your doctor and ensure that fasting is alright for you.



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