Saturn Return

Saturn is the last of the traditional planets: the Superego according to the Freudian model of the psyche, the conscience, the dweller on the threshold or doorkeeper between my space and time location what lies beyond. 

Saturn Astrology

Saturn in Astrology represents many things, but he is a great teacher. He marks cycles of tremendous growth. When Saturn Return shows up in your chart every 28 years, there is a phase of great despair, often pain, and you will be asked to take more responsibility. The first Saturn Return appears at the age of 28, and most of us have gone through at least one serious relationship, learned a trade, worked in a job, and therefore expressed some of our individuality.

When Saturn comes around, it is the time to take a realistic look at your life! Is your relationship want you to want? What about your job? Where else do you need to find a more authentic expression, and what are you ready to leave behind? Often between the ages of 28 and 33, we mature tremendously. You are doubting and questioning all that we have achieved so far, the belief systems we have been brought up by, wanting to leave behind the opinion of others to make space for our true self. Some of us experience significant losses through this time.

The death of a loved one, job loss, divorce, or something else can shake you. Saturn wants to ground you! It will show you areas that are not working anymore and ask you to make real improvements. You can no longer deny all those things, and you need to look honestly at yourself. Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go in life?

Planet Saturn
After all, whatever we decide, we must put the work in. Saturn stands for discipline, work, responsibility, structure, and reality check. It is also the planet that rules time and karmic structures and reminds us that there are limitations in the physical world. While at the age of 33, we have matured and redirected our life, we are now ready to move forward with a new outlook on life.
At the age of 56, Saturn Return will come again, which is different this time! You now have more to look back on. How have you lived your life so far? What have you achieved, and where have you failed? Many people experience health issues around this time if they have not taken care of themselves in the past. This can be a scary and challenging time. Many people fall into depression, realizing that they have lived their life for their job, their family, or sacrificed for things that were not their own. Some might reflect on a failed marriage or a promotion we never received. This reality check can be very painful and often comes with depression and the feeling that we might not have lived the life we wanted.
At this time, Saturn is inviting you to look closer and reminding you that you are “running” out of time, and you need to now set out for what you want to do with the rest of your life. Many people decide to downsize or cut down hours in their jobs. It is a great time to see where you have neglected yourself and have given away your time. Our body is aging, and we wonder how much time we have left. To transcend this rather challenging energy, it is time to look at the Spiritual side of life. You might have already lost a few friends or loved ones, and the question of what will happen one day can inspire you to make profound changes.
Everybody will go through their Saturn return at least twice in their lives. If you feel low, depressed, or helpless, it is crucial to reach out for help and find the transformation that is seeking you.
It is time to deal with the limitations life puts on us and be honest that we are one day will vanish. Until then, we can live a life we cherish, enjoy, and purposefully. Saturn will take away everything that holds you back and give you what you need to learn. Saturn energy can be harsh and lonely, and many people will find themselves in great fear and despair. However, it is essential to be compassionate with yourself and put the work in.
Knowing Saturn Return offers the chance to change and gain wisdom to redirect where your life is heading.
There are great benefits in Saturn’s return, to know that physical life is limited allows us to have a more profound experience with life. Less compromising and living to the fullest.
Saturn is the Karmic Teacher – so remember, what you put in, you will get out. You will earn great rewards when Saturn comes around to check in!
It depends on how you live your life, how you see yourself, and if you can let go of all that no longer serves you!
Don’t forget to check in with those who are going through Saturn Returns…they might struggle and won’t speak about it – you checking in could break the silent cycle.
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