Impact of astrology on shaping our destiny

The impact of astrology on shaping our destiny has long been known by many astrologers. Especially through the exploration of karmic astrology, helps to discover our purpose. Moreover, we uncover challenges and obstacles we experience in this lifetime and gain a glimpse into the meaning of destiny.

Destiny and astrology are concepts that have been explored and interpreted in various ways throughout history by many well-known astrologers. Based on my own experience I want to share with you my personal view on the impact of astrology in shaping our destiny. Furthermore, I want to explore the relationship between someone’s birth chart and their destiny.

What is Destiny:

Destiny refers to the predetermined course of events in one’s life. It suggests that certain events or outcomes are inevitable and that they are beyond an individual’s control.

Different belief systems and philosophies have varying perspectives on destiny. Some religious beliefs propose that destiny is shaped by a divine plan or higher power, while others may view destiny as a result of personal choices and actions.

As you can see the definition of Destiny can vary, to some degree it is our personal view of how we perceive destiny. I have experienced encounters and situations that I felt were destined to happen. Those events changed my life forever.

Destiny does not necessarily mean that bad things are going to happen to us. Moreover, there are many good things destined to enrich our lives. Some people think of it as luck, while others see it as a result of their actions of their consequences. In astrology, we call them karmic.

Astrology and Destiny:

For destiny to take place, there are different factors to consider. First of all, we all have free will and nothing is set in stone in my personal opinion. Of course, there will be situations in your life in which you will feel out of control. Especially when planets like Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto form aspects to your natal birth chart. Understanding those influences and their impact will help you to shape your consciousness and grow in awareness. Even more so, when you truly accept the interconnections of all things which is the foundation of Astrology.

What is Astrology:

Astrology is a metaphysical science and an art that is based on the understanding of a connection between the positions and movements of celestial bodies (such as planets and stars) and events on Earth. It is used to gain insights into individuals’ spiritual path,  personality traits, relationship dynamics, and even to make predictions.

impact of astrology on shaping individual destiny
Astrology and your Natal chart:

Astrology involves the interpretation of an individual’s natal chart, which is a map of the positions of celestial bodies at the time of birth. The main components include the Sun sign, Moon sign, rising sign (ascendant), and the positions of planets in different astrological houses.

The natal chart is typically divided into twelve segments called houses, each representing different areas of life. By interpreting those insights we can see not only how someone approaches life but also what challenges someone is going to face.

In Karmic Astrology we include the understanding of past life influence and karmic lessons to enhance our understanding. This is an important aspect that influences the path of your destiny. It is understood that we will come across certain situations, people, and events again and again till we have released those karmic connections and finally can move forward.

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Let’s do an example:

Some people might have aspects that indicate challenges with money. Those people face obstacles again and again that somehow have to do with their resources, work, earning money, etc. Somehow, no matter what they try it is really hard for them to earn or access wealth. While other people seem to have absolutely no issue with it. This will depend on your personal destiny regarding money. 

Some people are “destined” to inherit money or receive money from family. Other people have indications in their chart they will receive money through their spouse while others have the potential to “win” money or work hard for it. It still doesn’t mean this will come easy, but we can see a potential in the chart for how they will approach this subject.

A look at a personal karmic horoscope allows us to see exactly what is written energetically in your chart and point those things out. We can also see why you may struggle to work this out. If someone has challenging or karmic aspects around wealth, resources, and money it will be difficult for them to reach their full potential in this area of life. 

Till they either, understand the purpose and release the karmic lesson. This means working with the issue to understand the nature of the challenge and take a different approach based on the understanding of their karmic astrology chart.

That is why working with astrology on shaping our destiny can be so useful. It just makes our path easier and we stop wasting precious time and energy. It is like re-routing yourself to a path that is in alignment with the cosmos, so things can flow for you.

Once we embrace this truth we don’t need to work harder but we need to understand what we are made of. 

2. Example Love and Relationships

Some people have difficulties either entering into relationships or, staying in them. Others struggle to attract the right person or are not able to find true love. I am sure those people have either challenging or karmic aspects of love and relationships.

By analyzing their karmic astrology chart we can pinpoint where what actual problem, lies. This can range from childhood trauma to karmic past life experiences.  That is why (karmically) they always attract the wrong person because deep down they have not yet resolved the actual issue. Which means they stay entangled with their wound and unable to make deciosn from a place of inner power.

In some cases, we are asked to heal the past first before being able to move forward. However, if we are not aware of the actual wound, we won’t be able to see clearly.

As you can see there is a significant impact of astrology on shaping our destiny. The first step is to understand our energetic makeup. Each karmic relationship is different and will show different ways and opportunities to choose our destiny. We can use our free will to align our life with the movements of the cosmos and this way we are even more powerful in coming closer to our true destiny.

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