Shamanism has existed since the beginning of the Human Race. It has been around since the Stone Age and is still practiced today.

The Shamanic Practice combines divination and Healing as its main components. A well-trained shamanic practitioner will be able to perform ancient sacred rituals and adapt their needs to our modern times.

A Shaman can access shamanic states of consciousness after undergoing many years of training and practice. In this altered state of consciousness, they can perceive non-ordinary realities and act as a go-between among the various forms of reality.

The shaman has access to 3-different worlds – EARTH, SKY, and the UNDERWORLD.

I am the only 3rd Level Astroshamanic Practitioner in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, I hold a Master’s in Chinese Shamanic Metaphysics which includes ancestral magic of the EARTH ( FENG SHUI), SKY (BA ZI), as well as MEN (CHIN. TRADITIONAL DIETARY THERAPY).

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I combine my ability to shapeshift into non-ordinary realities for Healing Purposes in my shamanic work. Furthermore, I have access to the higher magic of Astrology and combine this with my work of Shamanic Healing.

My Shamanic Healing Sessions bring forth profound transformation of individuals and their lives. I act as a bridge between the worlds of humans and spirits. I use sacred Healing Tools and Divination Techniques and perform ancient rituals to bring the needed change. In most cases, a minimum of 3 Healing Sessions is required to have a profound impact.


Shamanic Healing

Some Situations might need more or fewer Sessions. This will always depend on the individual and the problem they seek help for.

I also know herbalism, shamanic trance dance, and Tarot Reading, and I am initiated to make Talismans and Charms for protection and Healing Purposes.

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