The importance of the moon

The moon is the closest “planet” (it’s more like an orbit, but I keep calling it a planet – I believe it deserves it) to the earth and once even belonged to it. We literally can see its impact when we think of the oceans’ tides. Furthermore, we can also see the moon’s influence when we look at the weather.

The moon’s impact is feelable; certain body parts will be more sensitive than others on certain days.

The magnetic and gravitational forces of the moon are happening between the moon and the earth. In addition to that, the moon follows a cycle of 28.5 days around the earth, while other planets have a much longer process and therefore don’t always need to be considered in everyday tasks.

But maybe more in long-term views, plans, events, or life spans to see their influence shifting:

Moon 28.5 days (around the earth)

Mercury 88 days (around the sun)

Mars 23 months (around the sun)

Venus 225 days around the sun and 1.6 years around the earth

Jupiter 11/12 (years in your birth chart)

Saturn is around 29 years ( in your birth chart)

Uranus 84 years (changes every seven years in a different start sign)

Neptune 165 years

Pluto 248 years

As we can see, the moon is very relevant for our everyday activities because it’s the closest planet to the earth and the fastest moving.

Moon in everyday life: The energetic qualities of the moon’s influence do change every 2 – 3 days when it passes in another zodiac sign.

People’s behavior and reactions (subconscious) are predictable or be more than likely to be predictable. Physical functions are tangibly influenced. Weather and tides are continuously changing.

The magnetic and gravitational forces can be used to our advantage – Manifestation, adapting your Diet, Soul evolution, Healing & Reflection. Sun Signs change every month and offer more insights into vital energy. It also has an emphasis on self-expression and how we see ourselves.

Generally speaking, the following can be expected when the moon passes through the different signs of the Zodiac.

Moon in Air Sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

People and energies are more likely to be colored by forethought and evaluation. Things are to be seen far more detached and objective than on other days. More diplomacy and less emotional feelings arise. But it is also more challenging to take action.

Moon in Water Sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

These days are more emotionally intense. Reality will be perceived through emotions rather than the logical mind. Manifestations of fear, vulnerability, and deep involvement are tangible. Mood Swings and irrational behavior are more likely to rule these days.

Moon in Fire Sign ( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

People react to changing conditions or circumstances with more enthusiasm and take direct action. A good day for physical exercise and starting new things or getting things out of the ground. Often impatience can be the leading quality tangible on this day.

Moon in Earth Sign ( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Reactions will be more grounded, steady, and more important than on other days. Energy is more self-contained; sometimes, people might feel that others do not react, especially when it is a Taurus or Capricorn Moon Day.

You have to love astrology and all its wisdom…

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