Intro to the 12 Zodiac Signs

There are twelve Zodiac Signs in western astrology. Each of them is ruled by a specific element ( Fire, Earth, Air, or Water), moreover, each sign also has a certain quality ( fixed, mutable, or cardinal). Additionally, we also categorize each sign in one of the polarities of negative or positive. The cardinal signs represent the change of season and, therefore, have more outgoing energy and enjoy enterprises. Those signs generally tend to take more action and pursue their path in life.

The zodiac signs

Aries (The Ram, Fire Sign, Cardinal Sign)

This is a powerful fire sign, and it is the very first of the zodiac. Its energy is a spontaneous expression and very direct. People with Aries placements tend to act before they think and possess the courage to start new things.

They are adventurers seeking out the next challenge they can accomplish. As a cardinal sign Aries is very outgoing and takes action; not always have they created a plan before doing so. Aries can have a childlike innocent paired with impulsiveness and impatient. They make good leaders because they dare to take responsibility and believe in themselves. Not everyone can keep up with the Aries’s energy. Their outspoken and direct nature can get Aries quickly into trouble because tact is not really what they possess a lot.

Never lie to an Aries.

However, you know what you get with Aries – they are not good at hiding things and dislike any secrets. Aries are strong-willed and loyal; however, if you do them wrong, they will Ram you in the ground and walk all over you! The sensitive body parts ruled by this sign are the head and the eyes.

Aries in the zodiac

Taurus (The Bull, Earth sign, Fixed sign)

Taurus is a sign of stability and safety. It is very relaxed in its nature and enjoys the finer things in life. With Taurus energy, nothing can be rushed but need to grow naturally. They have a tendency to focus too much on pleasure and material gain because they just enjoy their comfort very much and want to do so in the future. Sometimes it can be hard to get a Taurus off the couch as they are very relaxed. Reliable, loyal and faithful is in Tauru’s very nature.

As an Earth element, they like to possess things or preserve them. Taurus energy allows you to be good with money and thoughtful with your resources. Any wealth accumulated is generally shared with all of the family as long as the books are in order. The body part ruled by this energy is the neck and the throat.

Taurus in astrology

Gemini (The Twins, Air Sign, Mutable)

No one is more curious than a Gemini. They just love new ideas and information and feed off Gossip. Geminis mind is always switched on, leading to mental burnout and overload. Their nervous system is thin and therefore, they easily weird up. Geminis are the best problem solvers and very good talkers. They make good salespeople as they just know what to say and to whom. In their very own nature, Geminis possess a great childlike spirit, and they love games. No matter if that is a Mind Game that challenges their intellect or love games when they can’t decide which partner would suit them best.

A good listener

Generally speaking, Geminis are really good listeners as they just can’t help themselves to gain information. Many people easily fall in love with them because they feel heard. However, the listening of a Gemini is not so much about caring for but more about finding some exciting news. Open-minded and easy like a feather, this is what Geminis are all about. If it gets too heavy or emotional, the Gemini person is quickly out of the door just off to some more exciting adventures. The body part ruled by this sign is the hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs.



Gemini in Astrology
Cancer (The Crab, Water Sign, Cardinal)

Cancer is all about emotions, and they can be rather complex. Sometimes Cancerian people are not even sure what they feel is their own or other people’s feelings. They are super empathic and love to nurture and help other people. Family is everything to those little creatures, and they will make a lot of effort to let everyone know. Cancerians often associate with the mother and our ability to nurture and mother others or ourselves. People who seek healing are very drawn to Cancerians and unfortunately don’t realize that they have taken up all of the Cancerian’s energy. The Cancerian then will have to withdraw, often into their own home ( shell) to recharge their batteries.


Never hurt cancer’s feelings

When cancer is hurt, the grudges can run deep and easily persist for the next 100 years. It is not easy for Cancerians to say what they need; they just expect other people to read their minds. If those other people fail to do so, the Cancerian is deeply hurt. Emotions are running high with those beings, and they are easily affected by everything that is happening in the world. Their love for animals and nature is real, and they could not live without it.

Their caring nature often lets them work in caring or healing professions where they can outpour their love to others. If you are lucky enough to know a Cancerian that enjoys cooking, you are in for a treat. They are natural good cooks once they pursue this call and are happy to share with anyone that comes through the door. Sensitive, moody, and highly intuitive, this is what Cancerian is all about. The body part ruled by this sign is the breasts and the stomach.

canver in astrology
Leo (The Lion, Fire sign, Fixed)

There can only be one, and Leo knows this. As the king of the castle, it is hard for Leo Personalities to accept other people as a leader. They like to follow their own ideas and path, and as a fixed sign, they have their own opinions. Unfortunately, Leos are not so sensitive to other people’s feelings as they put themselves first. Their direct and confident manner can upset people who lack those qualities. As a Fire sign, the passions run high, especially when it comes to love.


Leo and Love

Leo wants to be loved, adored, and admired. They are quick to enter into Relationships with others and, once the flame has dimmed, get upset. You can win a Leo easily by treating them to Luxury Spa Breaks, driving them around in your Porsche, or inviting them to be a public speaker at your event. Leos wants to be seen and is unhappy about staying in the background. They are very generous and love sharing and making gifts with others. However, they expect the same in return. Living a low life is not what Leo is all about. They need Fireworks, Romance, Luxury, and everything a Queen or King desires. Their loyalty, as well as their positive outlook on life, gives them a lot of Followers, and Leo needs them. Leos have the strongest life force energy of any of the zodiac. Their sensitive body parts are the heart and the spine. Represents: Ownership, pride, ego, power, children, passion, works well alone, part of the body is the ‘heart and spine.

Leo in Astrology

Virgo (The Virgin, Earth sign, Mutable)

Virgos are clean, organized, and have attention to detail. However, sometimes they lose themselves in their desire to analyze absolutely everything. Hard to accept that the world is so imperfect, and we as human beings suffer the same. As a perfectionist, Virgos delivers exceptional work. If you want to get a job done correctly, ask a Virgo as long as you don’t put a time frame on it. Virgos tend to work hard and put the effort in; however, when pressured, they start worrying too much, which can lead to stomach upsets. Virgos have a caring nature, and they are really good pet owners.

Virgo is caring and nurturing.

Providing for all their pet needs, from food, drink, and, most importantly, health supplements. Virgos can get obsessed about their look and what other people think of them and tend to worry about their health most of the time. They are really good with numbers and money, which is why many accountants are born under this sign. When it comes to emotions, it’s suddenly not so easy for them. Feelings tend to be messy and uncomfortable, and often also not easy to control all the things that Virgo fears. They take good care of their homes and houses and are often known for their excellent domestic abilities. Their sensitive body part is the Colon.

Virgo in Astrology

Libra (The Scale, Air sign, Cardinal)

Libra is the representation of Love, Marriage, and partnership. That is precisely why it is so tricky for Libras to be on their own. They need the other to function correctly. Libras are very good team players and are known as the great Diplomats of the Zodiac. They make great mediators and hate arguments and fighting. Libras are just too sensitive for such cruel things and rather dwell in luxury in harmony. The sign of Libra is gifted with a lot of compassion for other people and will help any time it can.


Libra in Love

Partnerships and Marriages are super important to those people, and they can’t live without them. Once they fall in love they want to give all of themselves to that person. This is how two become one, and Libras quickly lose themselves in love. Those people find it challenging to take a stand in a discussion because there are always two sides to everything. Often confused about what they want to do with their lives, they tend to overthink instead of acting out. Being located opposite Aries, Libra people tend to wait things out often too long and miss, therefore, great opportunities. Music, Art, and good food are things that Libra lives for; if that includes other people, even better. The sensitive body parts of Libra are the Kidneys and the Hips. Keeping them well-balanced is a priority for good health and comfort.



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Libra in Astrology

Scorpio (The Scorpion or Eagle, Water sign, Fixed)

The most mysterious sign of the Zodiac is that of Scorpio. The Scorpio’s intensity is not for everyone; however, it intrigued many. It is rather difficult for Scorpio to work in a team or lead other people to lead, They are just too strong in their own will and character, and their need for control can get the better of them. Scorpio is all about the darker side of the Zodiac; therefore, they don’t fear to talk about all the taboos such as Sex, Money, and Death. Those people can feel drawn to the occult, magick, and Spirituality. Relying on yourself could be the motto of Scorpios because they just don’t trust anyone. You should never lie or betray a Scorpio, as they can see right through you. If you dare to cross that line, they will either destroy you or at least your reputation.

Scorpios love intensively

Their possessive nature makes them want to possess others, especially regarding relationships. 1000% commitment is expected but also given in return. Not afraid of taking responsibility, Scorpio thrives where others fail. Truly genuine souls they are. However, they will not let you quickly into their inner circle. Too much to lose, as inside, they carry a very emotional and sensitive nature. Competition and challenges are what those people seek out, and they will do anything to win. Their sensitive body parts are the sexual organs, reproductive system, and Anus.

Scorpion in the Zodiac

Sagittarius (The Archer, Fire sign, Mutable)

This passionate fire sign loves new adventures and is always on the go. Sagittarius love long-distance travel to explore other countries cultures, religions, or lifestyle or just a spontaneous trip to the other end of the country. They need to run wild and free, and don’t try to tame them. Always seeking the truth will lead them to many exciting places within and without. Sagittarius is the philosopher and the teacher of the Zodiac. Learning new things is food for their soul. Generous and enthusiastic make them great people to be around as long as you can keep up with their pace. Sometimes rather self-centered they tend to forget about the people around them. The emotions can run high, and you could end up staying awake all night listening to their worldly travels.

Sagittarius in love

When it comes to love, they are all in or all out, but nothing in between. Not holding back their feelings, they very spontaneously express them in creative ways. Sometimes Sagittarius can be a bit too patronizing or preaching when they think they have found the truth. You will meet them as back papers around the world, but rarely at home as this can be rather boring. Sagittarius makes good visionaries, and they have a natural ability to predict upcoming trends. However, those changed as quickly as the Sag’s interest, and they are off to new shores. Sensitive body parts are the lower back and the thighs.


Sagiattarious sign

Capricorn (The Goat, Earth sign, Cardinal)

Practical in every sense are these lovely creatures. Their sense of security and predictability is much stronger than Taurus. The difference is that Capricorns will do what it takes to achieve its goals. They possess a good sense of their career and rarely lack vision or drive. Furthermore, they tend not to rest enough and continuously being in overdrive. Any challenges are welcome, as Capricorn is confident to crack them all. They want to make it to the top no matter what it takes.

Capricorns lacking a work-life balance

Unfortunately, the lack of rest and relaxation can easily give them proper burnout. Often seen as unemotional, which is only on the outside, as they can be rather passionate lovers. Just as the saying goes, “Silent waters are deep.”

Capricorns possess a caring and nurturing energy often expressed in material or practical gifts. Unable to understand that others sometimes would benefit more from emotional closeness or intimacy, the Capricorn would just say: “Well, I am here, aren’t I?”.

They are not well known for their speaking abilities as they just lack that emotional response. If you tell a Capricorn that he can’t do something, he will do it right away just to prove you wrong. Knowing this helps get them to do things you want them to do. They have a natural drive for power and prestige and are very sensitive to what other peoples think of them. Success is everything in their eyes, and they will do what it takes. Those creatures enjoy good food, sometimes too much. Providing loyalty and someone you can count on.


Capricorn and Love

Once in a relationship, they want to get married as soon as possible as they only commit once, which is for a lifetime. Emotional ups and downs are not for them, and they would withdraw and sit for hours in quiet and then share their inner life with you.

However, they will be there when you need them and beyond, always ready to give a helping hand. Their grounding energy can provide a safe haven for all those struggling with their own uncertainty. Let Capricorn do the job – while you cook them a heartwarming meal. The sensitive body parts for this sign are the knees and the skin.

Capricorn in Astrology

Aquarius (The Water Bearer, Air sign, Fixed)

The most eccentric of all zodiac signs is Aquarius; living in a world of its own, Aquarius won’t and doesn’t want to fit in. They often possess a rather big circle of exciting friends and are very loyal to them. They just love discussing new ideas on how to change the world or all of society. Some of those ideas might be far too idealist but that doesn’t bother them. They have a great heart for all of humanity and a great interest in anything new, gadgets, or technology. A quick and precise mind was given to them for a reason. Those people love to attend meetings with like-minded people and nourish their connection. No one will ever be excluded, and everyone is welcome here. Ufos, Ghosts, Galaxies, and music is the plane on which Aquarius dwell. They are all about equality and hate gender roles.


Aquarius and love

When entering into Relationships, it’s easier for them to be friends first. Love is a weird thing, and even if they seek connections simultaneously, they know how to detach themselves. Aquarius makes great advisers who can see the bigger picture. Just when it gets all emotional, Aquarius can panic a bit and might observe rather than engage. They happily live in their own world where they invent new ideas. Unconventional and full of warmth, they are and quickly work in teams as long as their independence is not threatened. A real sense for humanity and the greater good they have in mind and will do their bit to be part of the change they want to see in the world. Sensitive parts of these signs are the lower legs and blood circulation.

Aquarius in Astrology

Pisces (The Fishes, Water sign, Mutable)

Dreamy, sensitive, and mutable are the Pisces. We find Pisces, full of unconditional love, saving the world from evil forces. No matter if they help out at the Soup Kitchen for the Homeless or are just taking on any rescue animal they can find. Pisces just don’t want anyone or anything to suffer and are here to heal the planet and everything in it. They are the last sign of the Zodiac, and they sometimes seem to have checked out already. Gifted with an excellent understanding of the pain of others and incredible healing abilities. Many Psychics and Mediums are born under this sign as they have this natural connection to the other realms. Faries, angels, and spirit guides are part of the Pisces family. You will meet them in Yoga Retreats, Hospitals, Hospices, and Meditation Centres. Super sensitive and impressionable is not always easy for Pisces to be in this world.

Nevertheless, they serve a purpose:

helping and taking care of. Pisces are not known for their fighting spirit but for their accepting and forgiving nature. If you hurt them, they will still check in with you and see if you are okay. Pisces have difficulties showing their love to their partners when it comes to love. Those Fishes are so full of unconditional love that they want to share this with everyone. Often they lack self-confidence and doubt their worth. Once they find the right partner to help them stay grounded and hold on to them, Pisces is a caring, healing, and loving companion. Just never ask them for clarity on specific subjects, as there are many angles to look at. Sensitive body parts are the feet and ankles.

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