The birth of modern Spiritualism – The Hydesville Rappings

There is a beginning for everything. In terms of fringe science, the broadening of consciousness, most of the time, happens through a special event. By Investigating individual limits we experience a world, that lies behind our own imagination and pushes to the borders of our own belief system. Nothing seems like the same before and the doors of perception are open to everyone who wants to enter them.

Who, who ever made such an experience knows about, how hard it is to share this with others, just by telling them. Something like that must have happened to the Fox Family on 31.03.1848 when they became a part of a life-changing experience.

The story of the Hydesville Rappings

The Hydesville Rappings is one of the best known paranormal events in modern times, and the Birth of modern Spiritualism.

In March 1848 there was civil war in Europe and the rising interest in the Industrial Revolution has changed the life of many people on material level. It seemed like, the time was right for another Revolution, the Revolution of Perception.

fox sisters

On 31.03.1848 loud rappings disturbed the sleep of the Fox family. Unable to find any reason for the rappings, the Fox family did not know what to do, since the noise raised to such a peak. That the daughters of the family seemed to have their fun by challenging the unseen noise maker with the claps of their hands. Surprised were all of them, when the noise maker started to repeat their clapping s. They asked for their ages, and they were given correctly. Aghast and surprised, the mother ran to the neighbours, because they were able to read and write, now it was easy to establish an alphabetical code and because of that it was possible to ask questions, which also were answered correctly.

With the help of this easy made code, they were able to identify the noise maker, who was the murdered pedlar, that was killed by the former tenant, because of money.

The truth revealed

In 1904 the case was found to be true, when the remains of the pedlar and his tin box were found in the cellar of the house, during some renovations. In the same year, it was published in a non spiritual Paper in the USA. Short while after that, all over the USA, circles were set up and a lot of people had similar and different paranormal experiences.

The event of the Hydesville rapping’s showed, that no high education or technical equipment is necessary to speak to the so-called dead. The Fox Sisters were children, and established an easy made code to make conversation with the spirit.

The case of the Hydesville Rapping´s also shows, that there is(was) a higher intelligence behind that noises. The murdered pedlar was not making himself heard, because he wanted to get justice. In fact Charles B. Rosna was the pioneer of the spirit world who opened new doors of perception and build the bridge of an intelligent communication between the bereaved ( two worlds) and the so-called death.

But not only simple people got interested in that kind of experience, scientist from all over the USA started to do research about these happenings. As the case found to be true, there must be something more that humankind has known to this period in time.

It’s not new, to believe in a life after death, in most of the ancient cultures there was a strong belief  in that.

But nowadays science started to research in this area and the results are spectacular.

Frederic W.H. Myers – further reading

One of the curious scientists in 1900 was Frederic W.H. Myers, who formed the word „Cosmopathic“ in his book „Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death“. Cosmopathic means to be open to the access of supernormal knowledge or emotion. In case of the Hydesville Rappings, it can be seen that children are more cosmopathic than adults. But adults can train themselves to be more cosmopathic and sensitive.

The more you train, the easier is the communication with other spheres. People who are working and speaking with the spirit world are called mediums.

Some information can be found in:

Frederic W.H. Myers – Human Personality – 1903 – ISBN 978148521408

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