Reiki as an alternative Healing Method

Maybe you are unfamiliar with Reiki, but don’t worry; you are not alone. This article will tell you all you need about this energy-healing practice. It might even inspire you to try Reiki out to feel its benefits on your system.

To start with, Reiki is associated with natural holistic healing; it is a form of energy healing that was developed in Japan. As of today, there are more than 1 Million Reiki Healers all over the world. Which makes Reiki the most used and known form of Reiki healing on this planet. More and more people seek energy healing as an alternative, often at the last instance when pharmaceutical drugs and medical surgeries are failing. 

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an early form of energy healing in which a participant serves as a channel for the Universal Life Force. The Reiki participant opens themself as a channel for energy that comes from a higher source to aid healing.

This can be very beneficial for people who are:

  • fatigued
  • burned out
  • restless
  • angry
  • irritated
  • suffer from insomnia
  • dealing with depression
  • anxious

Reiki allows our body, mind, and spirit to return to energetic balance. Any illness or disease is based on the imbalance of our energetic system, and only restoring this balance can help us to become whole again. People who have had surgery or an accident or women who have just given birth could greatly benefit from Reiki. But also, the elderly who lack life force energy through aging can get a lot, but from this alternative healing treatment. It is also safe for children and pets. They will appreciate the healing energies powers too to balance their system.


History of Reiki

Who invented Reiki?

The history of Usui Reiki begins with its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui. Sometimes called the Usui Sensei, Dr. Mikao Usui was born to a wealthy Buddhist family in 1865. Dr. Usui’s family was able to give their son a well-rounded education for the time being. As a child, Dr. Usui studied in a Buddhist monastery where he was taught martial arts, swordsmanship, and the Japanese form of Chi Kung, known as Kiko.

Throughout his education, Dr. Usui had an interest in medicine, psychology, and theology. It was this interest that prompted him to seek a way to heal himself and others using the laying on of hands. It was his desire to find a method of healing that was unattached to any specific religion and religious belief so that his system would be accessible to everyone.

Dr. Usui traveled a great deal during his lifetime. He studied healing systems of all types and held different professions, including reporter, secretary, missionary, public servant, and guard. Finally, he became a Buddhist priest/monk and lived in a monastery.

Spiritual Awakening and Development of Reiki

Sometime during his years of training in the monastery, Dr. Usui attended his own training rediscovery course in a cave on Mount Kurama. For 21 days, Dr. Usui fasted, meditated, and prayed. On the morning of the twenty-first day, Dr. Usui experienced an event that would change his life forever. He saw ancient Sanskrit symbols that helped him develop the system of healing he had been struggling to invent. Usui Reiki was born.

After his spiritual awakening on Mount Kurama, Dr. Usui established a clinic for healing and teaching in Kyoto. As the practice of Usui Reiki spread, Dr. Usui became known for his healing practice.

Mikao Usui founded his first Reiki clinic and school in Tokyo in 1922. Before he died, Dr. Usui taught several Reiki masters to ensure that his system would not be forgotten. Among them was Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a former naval officer who set up a Reiki clinic in Tokyo.

Dr. Hayashi is credited with further developing the Usui system of Reiki by adding hand positions to more thoroughly cover the body. Dr. Hayashi also changed and refined the attunement process. Using his improved system, Dr. Hayashi trained several more Reiki Masters, including a woman named Hawayo Takata. Mrs. Takata was a Japanese-American woman who initially went to Dr. Hayashi for healing. Upon learning the system herself, Mrs. Takata took Reiki home to the United States.” – International Association of Reiki Practitioners.

Reiki Healing

Level 1

Everyone who wants to learn and experience Reiki will start with Level 1. This is the level where we learn how to heal ourselves. It takes an experienced Reiki Master to initiate you to the sacred form of Reiki Healing. The attunement itself is not long and can be done in one or two days. However, there is a period of 21 days where you need to give yourself some healing and benefit from its effects continuously. Usually, it depends, ds who trained the Reiki Master, but within my training, I was asked to keep working and healing myself for   six months before I could come back for Level 2. I know that people not always want to wait that long – however, I stick to the tradition that I was shown and told, and it is six months before you can move on.

Level 2

This is the practitioner’s Level and here you will receive different attunement and will be initiated into more secret symbols and how to use them on yourself and others. At this stage, you can definitely feel your energy getting stronger if you have had the discipline to heal and work on yourself for the last six months. Now you will reap the benefits of your work. You are now more confident in your healing practice and can move on to the next level by applying healing to your family, friends, pets,  and also must have havemust-have people.

Level 3

This is the Master Level, and it usually takes over a year or two till people should consider stepping up. It is essential that you have lots of healing experience as a practitioner and see results from your work. This allows you to deepen your healing practice, and once you are ready and feel called to teach others, this is the next logical step. Again you will receive symbols and attunement that the other 2 Levels don’t have access to.

You will also be initiated into Master Level, allowing you to pass on your Reiki attunement to others so they can start their healing journey with Reiki.

Reiki Healing UK

How does Reiki work?

Reiki works on different levels, the body, the mind, and the spirit. The practitioner will use other symbols to influence the energetic flow of those areas and work on them accordingly where it is most needed.

In its principle, Reiki is based on the idea that the universe has an energy that gives form, structure, and health. This force is also called Chi by the Chinese martial artists, or Prana, in the traditional Indian cultures. This life force energy, if directed correctly, is said to be capable of healing anything because its energy comes from the basic fundamental levels of the origin of everything. Chi can’t be seen but felt and flows through everything alive. Without this force, nothing would be able to exist or live.

To have an idea of how the healing process is conducted, here is an example: Usually, the healer performs some hand rituals and eventually places them over the head of a person before moving on along specific energy points on the body. This movement is intended to correct the person’s energy field. Other Reiki masters place other Reiki masters placone their hands directly to the patient and keep them as long as necessary. It is a non-invasive energy healing practice and can be taught to anyone who is open to it.

Reiki UK Healing

Reiki also works over distance

If trained correctly, Reiki practitioners are also capable of healing from a distance, also known as Reiki remote healing. The healer will use an object representing. The healer will treat that said object just like she is treating the person. Reiki Healers can also heal and bless objects such as cars, homes, or even laptops.

Reiki is a different healing process from others, and it is incredibly powerful. Reiki can give you precisely what you need, if that is relaxation or more energy. You should give it a go and try it out to see for yourself.

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