Secrets of an Astroshamanic Healer

Our modern society is facing very complex challenges. Pandemic. Economy crisis. Cost of living situation. Climate change. Many of those challenges are man-made and are out of our control. They all have to do with survival as humans or species. These challenges have a massive impact on our mental and emotional well-being and cause an ongoing threat of stress to our system.

This never-ending pressure and fear of survival have caused a massive spike in mental health issues worldwide. Increasing insecurity regarding food, affordable housing, and concerns about our health have put us out of balance as a nation. Undeniably, it is time that we consider reaching out for help to balance our nervous system and reduce pressure. A system under constant stress will sooner or later collapse, and people will not be able to control their emotions, spiraling even deeper into the abyss.


Fear of Survival is deep ingrained in our DNA

Our ancestors also experienced a fear of survival, imprinting those stresses into our system. Which then can be triggered and activated once we ourselves come into a similar situation. Those energetic imprints or memories bring trauma, depression, and other health issues. However, some methods can be applied to restore balance.

How people dealt with fear or survival in the past

Back in the days when ancient cultures were around, they used to have a shaman or medicine man. It was their magic religious practitioner in tribal communities. The role of those practitioners was not only to heal those who were sick but also to restore balance and create rituals for a good harvest or successful hunting. Many village people participated in those rituals and were blessed and protected from harm. and On a psychological level, this helped people restore their mental health and put their fears and worries toward something greater than themselves.

What a shaman does

A shaman would call in the spirits of the heavens and the land and then communicate the concerns, fears, varies, and hopes of a tribe. This allowed the community members to surrender their fears and hopes to the shaman, knowing he would take care of them as he had access to a higher power. This process is psychologically fundamental on many other levels, as it helps those people address what worries them and work with it. In our modern society, we tend to keep problems to ourselves; we don’t believe in a higher power that cuts us off from creation. By carrying the world’s weight on our shoulders, we realize how vulnerable and insecure we are and unable to deal with it.

This common belief that the shaman had the abilities and power to connect with spirits and ask for blessings was a great reassurance to Tribe people. They trusted the shaman’s work. Today we live in a much more complex Society; not only are we globally connected and dependent, but also there are so many spiritual healers and practitioners out there. Mediums, witches, priests, sorceresses, and other healers besides shamanic practitioners. So it might not be so easy anymore to find someone whose work we can trust.  

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How are we dealing with challenges today?

However, our approach to dealing with those challenges has changed. We now give our power away and trust the government to figure things out. Many people see this form of authority as their higher power, and this is when it becomes dangerous. Only some of the government has done resolving internal and global problems successfully, and more and more people don’t believe it ever will. This creates a lot of frustration, depression, anger, and fear.


A need to reconnect with nature

We have lost our connection to the Natural World, and this disconnection causes most of the problems in the world today.

  • the fear of survival through technological means

  • natural disasters such as climate change

  • financial crisis

  • pandemic

  • complex working and living system

  • unnatural working environments

  • Focus on success and money

  • increase of cancer and other terminal illnesses

  • obesity and body shaming

  • disconnection from friends and family because of social media

  • lack of awareness for self and others


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Shamanic work allows you to reconnect and restore your power and connection with the Natural World.

Shamanic techniques are over 30000 years old. In traditional cultures, a shaman is chosen by a spirit that can possess the person and works closely with them. This way, the practitioner will learn to overcome obstacles on their healing journey to trust and follow the call. Or the shamanic practitioner will face some health challenges, leading him to a healing journey that can take many years. Those spiritual paths were not for everyone, and only the bravest and most determined would walk it and make it through. 

Modern initiations into Shamanism and Healing

Today initiations can happen in different ways for anyone. Some people face health challenges, other lose everything, a job, a loved one or a significant amount of money that reminds them everything is only temporary. Those experiences can shake you to the core and it is not easys to find the stable ground again. 

To be trained in shamanic tradition is a long and painful path and requires a lot of sacrifices; therefore is only for some. It is then essential to find the right teacher or mentor with enough experience themself in the shamanic tradition or path so it can be passed on. In our modern society, this is rather difficult as so many people take a few courses and get easily qualified before they have even proven themselves in their craft. This doesn’t work for shamanism; on my path, I had over ten years of training in psychic development and over five years in specific shamanic healing. Today, I see many people struggling in a similar field as they need to be trained better. Therefore their methods could be more powerful, and their understanding requires more depth and expertise, which can only come from years-long training and expertise.


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We need shamanic healers to restore balance.

The need for shamanic healers and people who are trained in healing is more important than ever before. The whole of society has moved through such traumatic continuous experiences with this constant threat of survival that we are nearly unable to live in a relaxed way anymore. The ongoing disconnection from the land and its movements have caused immense distress in our living environment. We hardly spend time in nature anymore or allow ourselves to live by the rhythms of nature. Our food is shop-bought; our water is full of chemicals, and we waste our time in front of screens and are fed with unrealistic things about our personal lives. It is time to reclaim what is yours and deeply connect with your unique personal path.

What it means to live in harmony with nature

Furthermore, to reinstall our connection with nature, and its natural seasons, honoring and growing our food and seeking out the community. Shamanic healers can help with this and assist us in reconnecting to who we indeed are. This way, we can restore the balance in the world and heal the earth by treating it with respect and care it needs. This also means we need different leaders to step forward that can serve communities better and allow them to grow into their own strength. We need group, global, and individual healing to remove this worldwide negative picture painted by the media. Healing starts from within, and first of all, by acknowledging your power.

My first encounter with my abilities

I always knew that I was different and I felt so heard more than other people did. My first Awakening and realizing my abilities was from a very early age. I remembered my past life and urged my parents to send me back to England, where I used to live. Impressions of psychic nature frequently flooded those memories. When I was 9, I witnessed a horrible crime just by looking at the picture of a missing girl. Very detailed, I relived what happened to her and could even pinpoint where her body was left after the crime.

I was far too shocked and confused to tell anyone about it. So I kept this for many years to myself as I did not understand what happened to me. This is the base for my second book “Tracing the last steps – A new approach to psychic detective work.”

An urgent inner call

When I was 11, I had a dream that put me on a journey of 15 years worldwide to find its meaning. You can read more about this initiation in my book “Unlocking Psychic Potential” During that time, I also studied Western and Chinese astrology. 

My journey finally let me study for ten years of a college in England and devil up my psychic abilities to a very high level. You can read more about my story and teachings on this subject in my book and looking psychic potential. 

I also trained for six years as a very experienced shaman who introduced me to the world of shamanic healing and astrology. The study of Astroshamanism is a challenging and complex subject. It requires a lot of determination, discipline, and focus. At this moment, I am the only third-level degree, Astroshamanic practitioner in the UK.


The famous Arthur Findlay College in England

Introduction to Shamanism for your life

Today I want to introduce you to the three essential ingredients. My astroshamanic healing understanding is based on these simple foundational understandings.

  1.  Intention
  2.  Time
  3.  Tools

Using all of these three simple ingredients in the right way with creating a powerful healing energy.

1. Intention Setting

Before any healer performs a ritual or healing session, it is essential to have the right mindset or intention. This can include:

  • Motivation for healing
  • Reason for healing
  • Asking for divine guidance
  • Blessings
  • The mindset to make the healing successful
  • To be convinced that you can heal

You must train yourself and intention-setting through meditation and reflection.

Build a strong connection with the spirit world and the Divine. This will only be achieved if this is achieved. I will discuss the right intentions setting and how to do it in one of my podcast episodes.


"Medicine is not only a science: it is also an art. It does not consists of compounding pills and plasters. It deals with the very process of life, which must be understood before it may be guided." - Paracelsus

2. Timing

The right timing will enhance and accelerate healing. It allows us to do a sacred action in alignment with the universe. Some Healers don’t give much attention to this. However, Shamanic healers do, and astroshamanic healers are even more so.

We use crucial astrological timing to conduct a healing session. This will depend upon the ailment of my clients.

3. Tools

Shamanic healers use healing tools that they have acquired in the long process of working with the spirit. Those tools are mainly made of natural materials. They have been activated in the sacred ritual and agreed to be the purpose. A shaman knows that everything contains spirit; therefore, we need to treat it with respect and care

Those tools will be chosen and harmony with the timing as well as their power to assist in healing and specify ailments

This differs from faith and spiritual or reiki healing; it mainly acts as a channel for healing energy.

A shaman also does that, but she additionally uses powerful tools which assist in the healing session.

These three ingredients make a massive difference to a shamanic healing session. Those sessions are extremely Powerful. An Astros shamanic healer can achieve amazing transformations using intention and the right timing and tools. Different from than two reiki of faith healing, the Astra shamanic healer does not only act as a channel for healing, but he directly works with the spirit. 

How many spiritual healers need to be trained better? They still need to do the right healing; it just means they are using their energy, which leaves them drained and tired after any healing session. Even though that intends to be a channel for healing energy, many healers need to be able to do this without using their energy resources. Some Heelys also struggle to put a boundary between them and the client, which leads to a problem where they take on the client’s issues or health ailments.

I’ve been working in this field for over 12 years, reinstated within myself but also seen other people working. Foealingund a difference to this problem in people who would practice shamanic healing. Shamanic healing offers a more powerful ability to do h without using your energy. This creates the necessary distance between you and the client.

You will need to experience a shamanic healing session to feel the difference. I always work from the sacred space I have created purposefully for this occasion. In my shamanic healing sessions at work with people from all over the world. Over the years, I helped hundreds and hundreds of people with fantastic success.

I’m proud of my work and ability to offer people such powerful and transforming sessions.

Shamanic Healing Mehal Mahipal
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