Empath and Energy work

Empaths are so open and sensitive that they are affected by the energy around them. These very sensitive people can sense and feel the energy. This can cause confusion, anxiety, and even total overwhelm at times. Maybe you experienced this before, when you went shopping or to a place with quite a few people and suddenly it did strike you. First is a strange tummy sensation followed by dizziness, breathing problems, or even a racing heart.

While it doesn’t matter if this energy is good or bad, empathic people will feel everything. The pain others feel, the anxiety others experience, or even the joy and excitement others go through. An empathic person can feel everything as if it were their own emotions. This can be a gift but also a curse if you have yet to learn how to use this ability in the right way. In this article, we want to explore what an empath is, how you can use the gifts of an empath, and how this can be integrated into the work with energy.


How can empaths utilize their abilities?

If you ask an empath, they will tell you who brings in the bad vibes. As empaths are sensitive to energy, even more, sensitive than other people, they can use this in areas where this skill is needed. This could be in a working environment where the boss wants to know the climate among the workers.

But empathic abilities like sensing energies can also be helpful as a vet, where the energy of animals is essential to find out what is wrong with them. The same goes for a doctor, nurse, or carer; empathic people will know the problem without the patient saying anything.

There are many areas where Empaths can use their abilities

It’s not only in the medical profession but also in other industries where people must understand what others need or want. For example, it could be around wishing to find out how customers respond to a new product before it goes on the market. Of course, the company would do intensive market research to determine their possible buyer’s needs and desires. However, if trained well, an empath could get a feeling for the upcoming trends before they even happen.

Furthermore, if energy can be felt, it can also be changed, or some say it can be manipulated. If it can be controlled, we can use this to our advantage as it can be used to heal ourselves and others. This is especially true when we speak about energy healing, such as Reiki. Here we need to be open and sensitive to other people’s energy and sense where those people might experience a block of energy. In addition, a trained point Reiki Healer can also remove those blockages so free energy flow can restore well-being.

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How Can Empaths Heal Themselves With Energy?

Empaths can learn to channel spiritual energy through their hands. You can do this by receiving reiki training or shamanic initiation.

Once you channel this energy daily, you can manifest powerful changes in your life. You can connect with spiritual tools like crystals, essential oils, and singing bowls for healing purposes. Essential oils have been a powerful tool used for healing for thousands of years.

Research shows that essential oils can positively influence our overall being. Working with essential oils can be gratifying, and you can work with humans or animals. You can also start using tarot and oracle cards, crystal balls, runes, and other divinatory tools to get insights into your personal life and also the life of others. This way, an empath can put her skills to excellent use for the benefit of all. Of course, training, knowledge, and patience will require getting where you want to be.

How to help others through energy work

Before you start healing others with energy, you must become aware of your energy. It would be best if you never give healing to another person when you feel tired or run down yourself. This way, you would pour from an empty cup, especially when you are new to energy healing. Secondly, it is also important to raise your vibration. Doing this through meditation, visualization, essential oils, or any other practice you prefer is fine as long as you prepare yourself consciously to work with energy. Start focusing on positive things in your life, moments you enjoyed, or other things that make you smile and happy. You then try to focus on this feeling and hold it with your inner power. Once you feel that you are full of positive energy, you can get ready to share it with others.

Using your energy to do good

Energy work is all about using energy and our gift for good. You can begin to help others by directing the energy you channel toward people who may need healing or uplifting energy. Remember to ask permission before performing any energy work. I know you want to help others at all costs. But people have every right to decide what can or cannot help them. Don’t be discouraged by people who might not know how energy works function and might not want it. It can be helpful to educate people about your practice or ask them if you try it and see how it goes.

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In this post, we have shared everything you need to know about yourself as an empath. You are connected to the subtle energetic levels of existence we all are, but as an empath, you feel those things much more deeply. You can influence energy and make it work for you. Trust that you are more powerful than you realize, and you might be at the point where you need to learn to turn your gift into something useful.

Use your gifts to help as many people as possible without draining yourself or feeling overly responsible for everyone you meet. As this can quickly happen when you feel all the pain and suffering in the world, you might think it is your job to ease it. Working with energy is extremely rewarding and powerful but challenging as we need to learn how to work best with energy and when not to. Furthermore, we can use other tools, such as essential oils, which have unique healing properties. As an empath, you can start recommending suitable oils to your clients or customers if you know enough about essential oils. This way, your energy healing work is different but gets a boost because you bring an extra tool in.

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Once you start working with energy, your life will change for good. No matter if you start working with essential oils for health and well-being or if you decide to develop your energy healing skills.

Your connection with the Universe is about to strengthen daily, and new ways of living and opportunities will arise in front of you. Are you ready for it?

3 Ways To Quickly Raise Your Vibration

Raising our vibrational energy is something other than rocket science. All we need to do is start making decisions that serve our highest good. Here are three simple ways for you to raise your vibration:

1. Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most potent ways to raise our vibration. When we express gratitude for things we have and love, we begin attracting more of these things into our life. As a result, we raise our vibration and manifest good things that make our lives more enjoyable.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils like lemon, lavender, sandalwood, peppermint, or geranium are excellent for raising our vibration. We can diffuse one of these in a diffuser or blend two or more essential oils as a roll-on or a spray.


3. Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool for raising our vibration. You can listen to a guided meditation online, go on a silent walk or sit comfortably and take some deep breaths to benefit from it.

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