Trust your Intuition

Intuition is the inner voice inside of us that often lets us know if something is not quite right or if it is good for us. It is like inner guidance that sometimes comes without further explanation, and many people refer to it as “this feeling.”

I understand intuition as a form of higher intelligence everyone has access. However, few people know that and wonder how they can get in touch with this “better” part of themselves. Intuition can come in many forms, such as a feeling, a thought, an idea, or inspiration.


How is your relationship with your intuition?

Do you trust what you feel? Or do you still doubt what the consequences would be if you let intuition lead the way? It is not easy to trust in something that we can’t see or have certainty of. When are those times in which you trust your intuition, and when do you not? Are you scared to surrender to this inner guidance? Maybe you are someone who gets excited when intuition makes itself heard or seen and can’t wait to find out where it takes you. Of course, it will take time and a few attempts to nourish this inner knowing so it can grow stronger and stronger over time.

You can strengthen your intuition.

Intuition is a muscle that can be strengthened. It is an aspect of emotional intelligence and can be grown and used to further aid your persuasion skills with study, attention, and patience. When I experience a moment of intuitive clarity, I feel it in the back of my stomach, radiating sharply. However, intuition alone will not help us to understand what to do next. We need to learn “again” to interpret what we experience. What is your intuition telling you? Some people experience a jump in their chest or even heart palpation, but is this a good thing or a warning? Others still feel a hardness in the backs of their throats which is a sign that something has been triggered in the system that is telling us we are unable to speak our minds or say what we feel. By paying attention to these physical shifts, the world of self-calibration opens up to us. These shifts can sometimes make huge differences in our actions and the measures we take to close a deal or escape a dangerous or difficult situation.

trust your intuition

Clear Intuition takes time

Hunches, gut feelings, and intuitions are entirely acceptable to apply in business matters, as well as life in general. Following these are signs that Spirit is flawlessly guiding our lives as requested. We can also ask our higher guidance to tell us what to do or guide us the right way, rather than just sitting around and waiting for signs. You need to learn to start distinguishing between what you feel and what you think that means. Intuition can act as a warning or a hunch in the right direction.

There are different levels of intuition

In my book “Unlocking Psychic Potential,” I have written about the power of intuition; at the same time, I explain to the reader the different stages of intuition and how to use it. It is a model that I have created myself over years of experience working in the field of psychic development. In my book, you will also find a self-assessment that you can take to find out which development stage your intuition is actually at and what you can do to enhance it.

Only if we learn to understand which level were are on, we can move forward. For better understanding, I will share those three stages with you now.

Book for Psychic Development

The three stages of intuition:

1. Empath

You are in the state of an Empath at the moment. You feel profoundly and compassionately. You quickly absorb the energies of others and mistake them for your own. This can lead to anxiety or a feeling of overwhelming at times. You have the tendency to put others first before your own needs. Furthermore, you have problems saying NO to others because you don’t want to upset anybody. This lack of boundaries can leave you drained and exhausted at times.

The problem with this empathic state

When you are in this state, you are not quite sure who you are and what you want. You have difficulty pointing out why you feel the way you feel.

This can lead to feelings of helplessness and victimhood to outside circumstances. In this state, taking some time off, detaching yourself, and doing some grounding is really important. Once you have done that – it is time to take back your power.

An Empath tries to help others by taking on their problems and sometimes even tries to solve the problems for others. This lack of energetic boundaries can lead to mental and physical problems.

However, your highly developed empathic ability makes you a good person to work in any caring or healing profession.

Be mindful

Others might easily take advantage of this good nature. Empaths more easily end up in toxic and co-dependency relationships in which they tend to take too much responsibility. Till the day they learn to stop being a martyr and learn compassion towards themselves.

Empathic people are often attracted to animals because they drain less of their energy.

You mostly struggle with

Problems around ‘injustice’ are also issues an empath is very much concerned about. However, the lack of focus and power can lead to a more depressed rather than an empowered state.

Any form of toxic substances (food, pollution, clothes, cleaning material) can significantly impact such people and cause allergies and other imbalances. Therefore it is essential that empathic people acknowledge their oversensitivity and make necessary changes.

However, being empathic and sensitive is essential for any psychic awareness. It builds the foundation for becoming aware of our energies and influences.


2. Intuitive

The state of Intuitive resonates with you the most at the moment. You are aware of synchronicity and the basics of energy. You are in touch with your intuition, and you have a sense of what feels right or wrong. You can easily see through other people; you can even feel if someone is toxic.

An Intuitive is a deep thinker who questions many things that seem normal to other people. Often, such people are interested in spiritual and holistic matters and feel drawn to natural medicine and holistic therapies.

Most intuitive people know the connection of body, mind, and spirit. At this stage, your need to connect with like-minded people is stronger than that of the Empath.

What would be good for you now

Therefore, it would be good for you to keep an eye out for development courses and groups. Your desire to explore your own potential could lead you in the direction of healing, counseling, or natural therapies, as well as paranormal or spiritual studies.

Even though you feel drawn to these areas, you might lack direction or clarity on what would suit you best. The creative arts, music, and other inspiratory hobbies could help you expand your horizon and allow you to connect to the underlying currents of spiritual energy.

In the intuitive state, you seek more profound meaning and purpose in your life. Something inside you tells you that there is much more than meets the eye.

Your limitations

However, you have not fully developed enough awareness yet regarding this inner guidance. Your lack of confidence and faith in your abilities sometimes makes you hesitant. In relationships, you might feel as if someone is toxic, but you still find it difficult to act accordingly. A part of yourself is still sacrificing for the sake of others. This can lead to inner tension at times with feelings of guilt, shame, frustration, and anger.

The best way to gain more clarity and structure on these matters would be to start slowly working on yourself. Uncovering the deeply buried feelings inside of you and making them conscious thoughts. If you seeking some guidance from a counselor or therapist, that could be of great support to you.

At this point, there is also some work to do with things that have happened in the past and still have power over you.

Highlighting these areas in which we still hold grudges, are unable to forgive, are holding on to things, or are energetically tied to unresolved issues, can help us to become apparent. Otherwise, you will not free yourself from past wounds, and you will be unable to step into your power truly.

Taking stock and self-assessing situations in which you feel blocked can be beneficial.

What you can do

Meditation can offer a safe space to check in with oneself. Doing this will gain objectivity and see other people as they are. Many of those other people serve as mirrors to point out all the things we should look at in ourselves. The more you trust in what you feel and act accordingly without overthinking or doubting it – the stronger your psychic force will become.

Becoming aware of where you may be lacking, your own weaknesses, and shortcomings is not an easy process and require a gentle approach. Sometimes it can be helpful to ask a professional healer to help us with this. Additionally, self-assessment means becoming aware of who you want to be and what you have already accomplished. Often at this stage, we admire people (or fall in love with them) who possess or represent something we want. This can be a personality trait, a specific look, an achievement, a material possession, or anything else. Just another form of projection that is not based on trauma (past) but (future) potential.

What this means

Such relationships are often energetically unbalanced and, in many cases, won’t last. Once we acquire what we need (to learn), the person suddenly disappears.

If we want a balanced (energetically) relationship, we will need to become aware of what (who) we want to be and try to give this to ourselves. By doing so, we will also attract someone who will love us for who we are and support our endeavors.

The intuitive state and synchronicity

In the intuitive state, we are much more open to divine guidance and synchronicity. We look for signs and patterns that confirm our intuitive feeling. There is nothing wrong with that; it can be quite a magical and exciting phase – Seeing how everything is confirming what we feel. However, the universal law of resonance states: “The energy flows where attention goes,” and we want to become aware of this.
True power lies inside of us and all you need to know is already there.

The signs we see confirm what we feel and can be really helpful at times.

There are many ways in which the universe speaks to us and lets us know that we are loved and supported. Trust that!


3. Awakened intuitive

This state or stage represents your full awareness of your powers. You can set clear boundaries, confidently speak the truth and trust your inner judgment.

This person is confident about their inner guidance and can say NO to others. You also ask actively for help if you need it.

The confusion of the first two states is gone, and you can see much more clearly here. Your heightened self-awareness and your work on yourself are finally paying off. You are striving to unfold your potential and understand spiritual awakening as a direction in life.

You are not afraid of your power and are familiar with the idea that actions have consequences. Many people in this state practice yoga or other forms of energy movement. They look after their diet, include necessary supplements, and take regular time out to recharge and rest. This leads to making healthy choices, allowing you to grow through them.

In this state, we know how energy works, as well as its effects on well-being, and we often experiment with Tarot Cards, Healing, Psychic Development, and look into Astrology.

The Awakened Intuitive is more empowered.

Then Intuitive takes more action. You are aware of your shadow and know you can project your own hopes, fears, and shortcomings onto others. In this state, it’s much easier to look through people or things without losing our own objectivity.

The Awakened Intuitive person has gone through phases of loneliness and gained resilience and inner strength. These insights act as a catalyst to become aware of the innermost power as a tool for transformation and self-discovery.

The Awakened Intuitive is more aware that their body, mind, and spirit are out of balance and also senses whether it is energetic attachments that are causing this. Actively they find ways to release these regularly to bring back the harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Trusting in inner guidance is everything.

She trusts inner guidance even against all odds and can overcome significant obstacles. In this energetic state, we take time to heal ourselves instead of giving too much to others. You are striving to unfold your own potential and seek ways to express yourself authentically.

Trauma is made conscious through therapy, self-reflection, assessment, and healing sessions. Accepting their limitations without feeling wrong about them is a virtue the Awakened Intuitive aspires to achieve.

The Awakened Intuitive is not only aware of the signs from the divine but also knows that they can learn from anyone or any situation. Most people in this state actively work with the Law of Attraction and consciously focus on elevating their vibrational frequency.

The difference between the empathic state

It is different from the empathic state in which we always want to help others regardless of our feelings or whether we have energetic resources. The awakened intuitive knows that we can’t interfere in someone else’s karma; sometimes, this means we help others by not directly helping them.

This state is the most empowered of the three, and here we no longer tolerate toxic relationships, friendships, or situations that make us sick. In this state, we consciously apply for energetic protection and space clearing and recharge our batteries when we are low. An Awakened Intuitive can distinguish between a needy person (who often drains our energy and doesn’t want to change) and someone who is willing to change. Based on this understanding, the Awakened Intuitive will give their energy, time, etc., accordingly.

Awake and aware

An Awakened Intuitive is aware of the energetic influence of their ancestors (DNA), past lives, and how they can impact our personal development.

Past life regression, tracing their own lineage, and releasing what is not beneficial and has been passed down from previous generations can significantly help progress.

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