Star signs and Psychic Abilities

Have you ever thought that certain star signs are more gifted than others regarding psychic abilities? Have you ever wondered if those potential psychic abilities might already be seen in the horoscope? It might not be so far off from the truth.

Sure, star signs are indeed more open to psychic energies, while others don’t possess this inborn sensitivity. However, specific placements in a chart can indicate an inborn potential to sense, hear or see things others don’t.

My name is Mehal Mahipal; I’m the author of “Unlocking Psychic Potential” and work with intuitive Astrology and Astroshamanism. I have over a decade of training and experience in developing Psychic Abilities and their expression. Furthermore, I am also an Astrologer and Shamanic Practitioner, allowing me better to understand spiritual gifts and people’s healing journeys.

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There are indications for psychic potential in your birth chart

I did lots of research to confirm what I believed.

I have always been curious; my inquisitive mind led me to study different spiritual subjects and naturally developed into teaching them. Over the years, I have spent hundreds of hours on practical research to find answers to very important questions.

Such as:

  • does everyone have inborn psychic abilities?
  • how can we know how gifted we are?
  • why do some people feel drawn to the spiritual path while others don’t?
  • how can I help people to accelerate their psychic development journey?

I compared my student’s natural abilities with their horoscopes and found out that there are people who are more sensitive and aware to energise.

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Do you have any of those signs in your chart?

The naturally gifted signs

This showed me that signs show more potential for psychic abilities than other signs. After comparing more and more horoscopes and looking at my student’s spiritual journey, I found that the signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio showed a natural sensitivity to their environment. Yes, the water signs are much more open, sensitive, and naturally absorbing the energies from their environment.

However, it’s not enough that someone got any of the water signs as their sun sign or Ascendant. Furthermore, we also need to look at their mercury placement which rules the mind and indicates its function. At the same time, the Mars placement rules the area on how someone approaches life.

Which planets are indicators of natural psychic abilities?

People with Mercury in Pisces are often gifted with natural clairvoyance or psychic vision. However, if not trained well enough, this could just cause endless confusion, and the person will not be able to clear their thoughts. Those people could become excellent clairvoyance or mediums.

While people with Mercury in Cancer often feel what other people feel without the need to say it verbally. Those people easily mistake their feelings for others, which can cause a few emotional roller coaster rides. They are born natural Empaths and carry a lot of compassion for other people and animals. Furthermore, Cancerian placements in a horoscope indicate that those people can sense world events (natural disasters) before they happen.

Cancer, as a Zodiac sign, is connected to water and the earth as it can live in the water but also on dry land, making it much more sensitive to energies related to the earth and the water, including earthquakes and tsunamis. These people, with their natural affinity to help others make good Tarot Card Readers or Healers.

Scorpio in Mercury

Scorpio in Mercury is a very powerful placement that can easily see through any lies or bullshit. Never, ever lie to a Scorpio as those people just know. Scorpio placements give a deep connection to natural instincts. Scorpio in Mercury has a very analytical mind, often quieter than others, this sign is the observer of the Zodiac. Scorpios make the perfect mind readers and if trained well enough would also make great Psychic Detectives. Not afraid of the dark side those signs are attracted to all that is hidden, taboo or twisted. Easily they can filter the truth, and their instincts hardly ever let them down. The thoughts of a Scorpio are deep, and he/she has a natural sense to feel anything that is broken, needs fixing, or transforming.

A powerful placement to use one’s own ability to pave the path less traveled and not follow the crowd. Scorpios prefer to work on their own terms and don’t like to be told. They work hard to achieve their goals and have the potential to become a true master in instinctive work.

Scorpio represents the most potent shamanic energy of death and rebirth. Those people don’t fear the unknown but welcome a challenge. Paranormal investigations, shamans, and psychic detectives are benefiting from scorpion energy. Also, surgeons and hospice workers who work closely with the realm of death and life are vibrating this kind of energy.


There are more signs and indications for psychic abilities

Other signs and their potential

There are also other star signs, such as Aquarius, which has a natural connection with humanity and an inner eye for visions of the future. Aquarian are idealists and often dream the world into being. A strong capacity to think outside the box and find rather unusual ideas for problems can be found when Aquarius is placed in Mercury. Those placements give abilities that allow someone to become aware of new inventions and the potential to see the future path for humanity.

With their rather adventurous and brave energy, Sagittarius placements have an inner eye for the newest trend. Those people often know what will hit the market of trends and are far ahead of their competitors. Their open mind and need to explore new horizons will take them far. Sagittarius loves traveling the further, the better, even through time and space. Their expansive nature, which is given by the planet of Jupiter, allows them to think the impossible. If this is paired with their deep desire for philosophical questions and metaphysical ideas, they can take them to places others will never go. They have an inborn need to express their spirituality in one way or another and will gain many exciting insights. When used correctly, great teachers with a lot of wisdom can inspire others to be braver when it comes to discovering who they are.

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Are you naturally gifted?

Do you know which signs you have in your horoscope? Do you always felt naturally gifted but weren’t sure if that is true?

Developing and exploring your psychic abilities is not a straightforward process, it depends on many different factors, such as:

  • your inborn potential
  • the right teacher to show you how to unlock it
  • overcoming your own doubts and fears
  • the right time and the right place for development
  • your ability to believe in yourself
  • natural curiosity wanting to learn something new

It doesn’t mean that other star signs or placements do not indicate natural inborn psychic abilities. It depends on your overall horoscope to see which placements you have. Based on this, a strategy can be planned on the best steps to take on your personal psychic development journey.

To find out more about your inborn psychic abilities and your individual spiritual potential based on what is written in your birth chart:

Book a Spiritual Path Reading with me, and we will find out.

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