The 4 most powerful ways to shift your energy

Knowing how to shift your energy is real power. It means you no longer need to stay in a low vibration or feel like a victim to the energies around you. Furthermore understanding how energy works and how you can use this in your favor is a major part of energy work and energy medicine. 

In this article, I will introduce you to the four principles of how to shift energy. 

The four different ways of shifting your energy

There are some true energy masters out there, people who have mastered the foundations of shifting energy. Me too, I have studied working with energy for the last decade. For years I worked with well-known mediums at the Arthur Findlay College and was taught the ins and outs of working with psychic energy. Today I can read the energy field of other people and use this skill in my Astrology Tarot Readings. 

I then moved developed an interest in energy medicine and trained in spiritual healing. This opened another dimension of working with shifting energy but also how to use it to heal people. Naturally, I progressed and moved into working with shamanic healing. My training lasted over five years and was the most intensive energy work I have ever experienced. 

In shamanic energy work, we understand four main ways of shifting energy. 

The four ways to shift energies are releasing, retrieving, stabilizing, or nurturing. Each of them serves a specific purpose and will need to be applied accordingly. Before we start, let me explain the basic principles of energy to you. 

Understanding the basic principle of energy

Everything is made of energy and just consists of different vibrations that determine if we can see or be aware of it. The physical realm for example has a more dense vibration than the emotional or mental realm. In energy medicine, we understand that a negative mindset can lead to physical ailments. While a positive outlook can influence and speed up recovery. 

In shamanic healing work, we acknowledge the connection between the body, mind, and spirit. The principle that everything is connected allows you to operate on a new level. It means that you are not separated from your environment either, which means it will influence you but you can also influence your environment. This means that you are constantly exchanging energy wherever you go or who you are with.

The impact of your environment

Wherever we go, we absorb energy from our environment. At the same moment, we also give energy to the outside in exchange. I am sure you have been to places that made you totally positively charged up. While other places or the company of certain people drained the life out of you. 

The more start paying attention to how you feel energetically in certain situations or places the more you are able to shift those energies. Depending on how your environment affected you, you can do the following to shift energy:

  • Release
  • Retrieve
  • Stabilize
  • Nurture

1. Releasing Energy

People often speak about releasing when learning how to shift energy. This is a very important thing to do when we have an excess of energy. Excess energy can happen through build-up stress or when we have been physically very passive but mentally active. The body is an immense energy powerhouse and it needs energy to function. This is the reason why we need to eat, to fuel our bodies. If we eat more than we use this energy, we naturally put weight on. 

However, if we exercise and keep physically active, we will transform this energy and stay healthy. Therefore, certain forms of exercise can help you to reduce stress, stay in optimal health range, and be more balanced. Keep in mind that not everyone is a runner or athlete. And you don’t need to be one, find the exercise that suits you. 

We also take energy from other people. The moment you listen to your friend’s problems compassionately and with an open heart, and mind, their problems become your problems. You suddenly can feel their tension in your body, because you have created an energetic connection with them. Ever felt drained after a friend offloaded their problems onto you?

When these energies get blocked or stagnate in your system now, they will become excess. This can lead to feelings of anger or frustration but also create mental health issues. An energy overload expresses itself often in symptoms of anxiety, brain fog or fatigue.

How to shift energy and release effectively:

Yoga, swimming, Tai Chi, Qi Gong even boxing can help to direct energy shift and release. For people who would like to be more creative and expressive, dance can be a good option. You can also take a hot Epsom Salt bath and add some essential oils such as Lavender, Sage, Frankincense, or Patchouli to release negative energy daily.

2. Retrieving Energy

This is a form of energy medicine that requires another person like an energy healer or a shaman to help you. In shamanic practice “Soul Retrieval” is a well-known method of energy-retrieving work.

Retrieving energy comes into play when we lost energy or we need to gain energy back. There are different situations on how an energy loss could have happened:

a) Consciously:

We agreed to something against our inner will. Or someone has taken our power away by forcing us to do something that we don’t want to do. Another situation could be when we are depending on someone or something and allow it to rule our lives or make decisions for us.    Often we allow this to happen because we experience feelings of fear, guilt, shame, duty, or responsibility. But also any form of abuse is a loss of power and can have major impacts on our well-being. By going against our inner knowing we lose parts of ourselves and therefore lose our power.

b) Subconsciously:

In this case, we were influenced by others to do or say something. This could have happened through family members, friends, peers, our boss, or the media. We often weren’t even aware of the subconscious decisions we were influenced by. 

If something happened consciously or subconsciously it doesn’t matter. The point is that we gave away or lost our power and it needs to be restored. Otherwise, this experience can deeply penetrate our body and leave a mark for the rest of our lives, if not treated in any form.

Shamanic Healing is a powerful way to help you with that. 

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3. Stabilizing the Energy field

This is an important practice of energy work and should be done regularly. You can use this method to ground yourself, if you feel unsettled, out of balance, or nervous. Additionally, it can be very helpful in preparing for facing a challenging situation or person.

Grounding: Find a comfortable position in which you can sit for a few minutes undisturbed. Focus on your breathing and become aware of your body. You might feel some tension or tingling somewhere. With the next breath imagine roots growing out of your feet reaching deep down into the ground. Allow yourself a moment to really feel the roots growing and grounding you on this earth. Once you have done that you can also release any unwanted energy into the earth. On the other side, you can also ask the earth to send you energy from the ground into your body to build a shield around you.

Shielding: with this exercise, you can shield, harden, or crystallize your aura. The more often you practice this method the more benefit you will get from it. Find a comfortable space to stand barefoot and focus on your breathing for a moment. With the next breath, you imagine a violet flame coming from the heavens towards you. You firmly but gently draw the flame towards your physical and energy body. Imagine the flame coming through you and surrounding you. Feel its power pulsating inside of you and set the intention to protect you against any harm or energetic imbalances. Do so for a few minutes till you feel protected. Now seal the aura and set a time limit on how long you want to be sealed like 4 or 5 hours. After this time you will need to do it again to shield yourself again.

4. Nurturing your Energy

This is a real necessity to stay happy and healthy. Furthermore, it will help you to love yourself more and become aware of your own needs. This will automatically strengthen your overall energy field and assist you in getting back into balance.

1. Take regular time out to recharge your batteries, if you can’t take time out physically at least make time for some meditation.

2. Make sure you sleep enough so the body can catch up with the daily energetic demands.

3. Eat nourishing food, which includes food that is warm and spleen friendly (see Chinese dietary therapy for that) for example broth, stews, soups, or roasted veg. The spleen is super important for our blood circulation and also for our overall feeling of worry. Therefore a well-balanced spleen will make you feel much more balanced and less worried. There are plenty of nourishing drinks out there that give you that warming, nourishing feeling, especially when you feel low or off. My all-time favorites are Turmeric Latte, Raw Hot Chocolate, or a nice cup of tea.

4. Try to avoid sugar and use honey or Rice Syrup instead. Sugar attacks the nervous system and can give you heart palpations, anxiety as well as headaches. There are great alternatives to sugar that don’t spike the blood sugar.

5. Stay away from any toxins such as alcohol, drugs, and unnecessary pharmaceutical medication – look for herbal remedies instead.

I hope this article helped you to understand more about on how to shift energy. 

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